APEC Summit Wraps Up In Bangkok 🏛️

After months of planning and preparation, Thailand just wrapped up APEC 2022which was hosted at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre in central Bangkok. The conference saw leaders from 24 countries discuss trade, human rights, and prosperity in the region. As it pertains to conditions on the ground, things largely went as expected for a summit of this calibre with various groups of anti-government activists taking to the streets of Bangkok in defiance of a ban on protests near the Summit location and Government House.

Our Take


Man, this event made Asoke feel pretty much impossible to navigate through this past week. Not only was the traffic absolutely insane, but I couldn’t believe the number of police officers everywhere. I would say that from Thong Lor through to Nana, there were four to six officers posted up at every single street corner. I’m not one to get up to any crazy mischief or anything like that, but if you do happen to be one of those people, central Bangkok was NOT a good place to be these past few days!