Getting A Thai Drivers License Just Got Easier

Thailand’s Department of Land Transport (DLT) has announced that obtaining a new driving license or renewing an old one has become more convenient, as walk-in services are now available at transport offices nationwide without the need to make an appointment. To renew a Thai driving license, individuals can obtain an ‘eLearning’ theoretical training certificate through the DLT’s website, which also has an option for foreigners. With this certification, individuals can then bring it along with their medical certificate to any transport office in the country and renew their license without needing to book an appointment. Additionally, holders of two-year driving licenses who wish to change to five-year driving licenses, as well as people needing replacements for lost or damaged licenses, and those applying for the first time in Thai or English, can use the walk-in service too.

Our Take


Ahh, this is fantastic news. Although I don’t drive in Thailand, I’ve been looking to get a Thai license to make travelling here a bit easier. There’s a period every year where I need to ship my passport off to immigration to get my visa and such renewed. Unfortunately, as things currently stand, this locks me out of domestic travel during that window. Having a Thai license would make things much easier during this annual period, so as soon as I’m back in Bangkok I’ll be taking advantage of this walk-in service and finally just getting ‘er done.