Summer Has Arrived… 🥵

It’s official… as of this past weekend, Thailand has officially entered summer, also known as the dreaded ‘hot season’. Meteorologists say that Bangkok is expected to experience record-breaking highs of 39 degrees (the hottest since 2019) while several provinces in the north are likely to see temperatures upwards of 43 degrees. The heat will bring heavy haze across the Country which has doctors extremely concerned. In fact, Dr. Chaichan Phothirat, a respiratory expert at Chiang Mai University’s Faculty of Medicine recently said that unsafe PM2.5 levels (the fancy term for measuring air quality) is contributing to up to 40,000 deaths per year in the Kingdom. The hot season is expected to last until mid-May, at which time the annual rainy season will begin to clear everything up.

Our Take


Ahhh… the dreaded hot season. AKA my least favourite time of the year over here. There’s no sugar coating it… we’re about to enter a two month period where being outside is NO fun. Thankfully there’s a ton of fun things to do INSIDE (especially in Bangkok) that will make this period bearable. If you’re curious what those are, just go to the the Thailand Travel Tip section of Volume 47 from a few weeks ago for some ideas.

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