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Thailand Travel Tip

Alright, so this week’s Thailand Travel Tip is a bit of an update (and sneak peak for an upcoming video) more than anything. Many of you have asked about Khun Fah and what she’s up to these days. For those of you that are new here, Khun Fah was the very first person we added to the RW4U Team just under 2-years ago and she’s been a massive help across all sorts of areas during that time. Well now, she’s helping us make new videos for Teenee and is doing an AWESOME job. Her focus is finding great, local places to eat, explore, and experience here in Thailand. We’re adding 5x new Teenee pins per week and Fah has found some awesome spots worth checking out while you’re here. This past month, we added all sorts of new places so if ya don’t mind, do us a favour and go into the App and leave a nice comment on some of Fah’s videos! She’ll love it. Here’s a list of a few she’s made so far…

  1. Pad Mee Korat Vendor

  2. Rotfai park

  3. Tonsai Night Market

  4. Yellow Roof

  5. Amornpan Market

  6. Khaotom Moss Kaset

  7. Fuel In The Blank

  8. Duke Language School

If you don’t know what Teenee is, it’s our app that we made to help people experience a more local version of Thailand. It’s a collection of restaurants, attractions, activities, bars, pubs, clubs, etc. that local Thais and Expats here in Thailand enjoy. There’s now over 430 recommendations inside of the App (every single one comes with a video) across Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Koh Samui, and some more local parts of Thailand (Khao Yai, Trang, etc.). If you’re looking to peel back the layers to this Country and find some good places to eat, drink, and explore, it’s a solid guide for ya. It’s $2 to subscribe for a month or $10 to subscribe for a year. Just search ‘Teenee’ in the Apple or Android store or click here to check it out.