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Record Voter Turnout As Younger Generation Decides Their Future

Thai opposition parties triumphed in Sunday’s nationwide election, delivering a powerful blow to the military-backed establishment that has ruled since the 2014 coup. At the time of writing this, the progressive Move Forward party is projected to win 151 seats, with the populist Pheu Thai in second place with 141 seats. With record-high voter turnout (especially from young people), the opposition parties will move forward to form a new coalition government under the junta-era constitution. Move Forward’s leader, Pita Limjaroenrat, expressed readiness to lead and emphasized plans to amend strict lese majeste laws and support for those facing charges. The election outcome represents a major shift in the direction of the country, introducing a new level of opportunity and optimism in Thai politics.

Our Take


Man, what an interesting weekend to have been in Thailand. I was explaining to my buddies today that I’ve never seen so many young people so passionate about voting. I had friends drive HUNDREDS of KM’s back to their hometowns because they were so keen on getting their vote in and deciding the future of their country. It was really cool to witness and I can say that I got a LOT of messages today on the heels of the election results from optimistic Thai friends. Really cool. I’ll be curious to see what changes come.