Mae Hong Son Back On The Map

Mae Hong Son Airport in Northern Thailand (now deserted after Nok Air ceased its commercial route) is set to be revitalized with Bangkok Airways about to reintroduce flights between Bangkok and the popular Northern province this August. The move is expected to bring economic benefits to local tourism operators and specifically benefit the popular backpacking town of Pai. Nok Air’s discontinuation of the Don Mueang – Mae Hong Son route was due to its fleet transition, replacing its Q400 aircraft with larger Boeing 787-800 jets. Considering the demand for the route, Bangkok Airways is looking to utilize their propeller planes, which have around 70 seats. The airline is currently in the final stages of gaining approval for the route and operations are expected to begin this summer.

Our Take


I’ve only ever been to Mae Hong Son twice, but man, is that ever a beautiful province. This is one of the few new flight routes that I’m genuinely looking forward to. I love it up in Northern Thailand and am excited that there’s going to be an easier way to get directly to the countryside versus having to fly into Chiang Mai and drive 3 hours up into Pai and the surrounding areas.

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