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Thailand Voted 3rd Most Popular Country For Digital Nomads 

Thailand has secured the third spot as one of the most favoured destinations for digital nomads based on data provided by resume.io, a platform offering resume and CV-building tools. In the rankings, Thailand follows the United States and Spain to claim the third position. Some of the most popular Thai destinations among digital nomads include Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Pha Ngan, and Krabi. According to the report, the most sought-after destinations for remote workers living and working in the Kingdom are those that also function as marquee tourist spots (surprise surprise), offer up an affordable cost of living, have the necessary amenities to facilitate for remote work, and have minimal crime.

Our Take


Forget the actual ranking component of this story. I say that because I find it hard to believe that the US is ranked higher than places like Portugal, Indonesia, Thailand, Georgia, etc. as a digital nomad hotspot.

The point of this story and my reason for including it is the fact as soon as I read it (specifically the locations that were keyed in on), it made me think of how much opportunity there must be in places like Krabi, Chiang Rai, or Koh Chang for those wanting to serve remote workers and start businesses in that space. I’d say that as of right now, aside from Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Koh Pha-Ngan, there’s still ample opportunity to jump in and start companies here in Thailand that cater to this growing crowd. High end co-working spaces Krabi. Think tanks in Chiang Rai. SEO conferences in Koh Chang. The list of things you could do to serve these people goes on and on and I suspect that this scene will continue to mature in the coming years.