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Thailand Travel Tip - Travel Insurance

There’s a lot of different travel insurance companies out there and often times it’s a pain to find the right one. We get all sorts of emails about this topic from those of you that watch our videos over on Retired Working for You, so I decided to include the company I use in this week’s edition of Thailand Weekly. SafetyWing is a travel insurance company that provides awesome coverage for anyone that lives abroad, but their rates and coverage make it ideal for those vacationing overseas as well. I think I pay in and around $50/Month for my coverage, and I was impressed with their service when I actually had to make a claim last summer. Everything was taken care of, and I had a solid experience overall. Signing up takes a couple minutes and is super straightforward, so if you have a trip to Thailand booked (or anywhere for that matter) at any point in the near future, I’d definitely recommend considering them for insurance coverage.