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Thailand Is Agoda’s 2nd Most Popular Destination

Thailand’s tourism sector is experiencing a robust recovery, with data from online travel platform Agoda revealing that the country is the second most popular destination globally on their platform with Bangkok also being named the top city. The findings are based on booking data from January to May of this year. Thailand also ranked fourth in terms of domestic trips, following the United States, Japan, and Malaysia. To further boost interest, a partnership between Klook (another large Asian-based booking platform) and TAT has resulted in a significant increase in international tourist bookings to Thailand from places such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, and Malaysia. The partnership aims to showcase the Kingdom’s various activities such as day trips, sightseeing tours, and spa experiences.

Our Take


I remember during COVID there were a TON of naysayers who thought that Thailand would never recover from the pandemic and that the ‘golden days were over’.

“Thailand tourism will never be the same”

“Thailand’s golden days have come and gone”

“No point of going to Thailand anymore”

These are just a few YouTube comments I remember reading from our videos, and although the country still has a long way to go before returning to 2019 levels, I definitely feel confident pushing back on those naysayers now as Thailand is well on its way AND operators in the tourism space have showed such admirable levels of resiliency. They deserve the rebound 2023 they’re getting (thus far) and all future tourism growth as well.