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Protestors Rally Against Pheu Thai and Bhumjaithai Coalition

Protestors rallied at Pheu Thai and Bhumjaithai party headquarters this afternoon, denouncing their coalition plans with military-linked groups and leaving behind the elected-in Move Forward Party. Around 50 vehicles first gathered at BTS Mo Chit station, where they then moved to Bhumjaithai’s headquarters and distributed leaflets, splashed paint, and affixed glue traps. At around 4.45pm, the group headed to Pheu Thai headquarters, demanding the party restore its coalition with the Move Forward Party. For reference, Pheu Thai won 141 House seats and Bhumjaithai won 71 seats in the May 14th election. Both announced their newly-created alliance after Pheu Thai withdrew from its prior coalition with the Pita-led Move Forward Party, which had won 151 House seats.

Our Take


I don’t exactly have any specific commentary other than the fact that Thai politics sure is confusing and VERY difficult to follow along and stay up to date on. For better or for worse, things can change drastically VERY quickly over here. As I’ve mentioned previously, I just feel bad for many of my Thai friends that voted for the MFP in hopes of seeing some grassroots change here.