BANGKOK - World Class Dim Sum

Perhaps one of the best Dim Sum spots in Bangkok, Thailand located in a beautifully designed restaurant. Make sure you order desert after you’ve almost finished your meal, because sometimes they bring desert first!

Video Transcription

Behind me is our favorite Dim Sum place in all of Bangkok. I’m excited to go there actually it’s been a few months, it’s been a few months since I’ve been in Bangkok and this was the one place, one of the many places that we were talking about Haelee and I that we were most excited about coming back to. It’s called “Hong Bao Dim Sum” this one’s located at Phetchaburi station which is also Makkasan rail link station and it’s in a third floor of what’s called the Singha building it’s like half office building, half shopping mall, half kind of medical center and what you’ll find in Bangkok there’s a lot of restaurants like this that have…I’d say five or six locations, you’ll find them in several of the big shopping malls, they actually have a flagship their flagship location up Sukhumvit behind Phrom Phong that’s in like a nice old building really nice atmosphere in there we just happened to be closest to this one but we love them all we actually really liked it in here the last time we were here so we came back. Let me take you inside because we always order the exact same thing when we eat dim sum, I’m not sure about you but I’ll show you what Hailee and I always order. Dish number one, steamed shrimp wontons in red oil and be careful this one’s a little spicier than it looks. Oh, dish number two, scallop and spinach steamed dumplings. Dish number three is my personal favorite it’s a bean skin curd roll with like bamboo shoots and some stuff inside a little bit salty, dip it in the chili sauce though!
no dim sum meal is complete without dish number four, the classic shumai.

Haelee: This is my favorite xiaolongbao shanghai style dumpling, juicy! juicy! juicy!

Chris: And the dish that’ll fill us up enough so that I don’t keep ordering more and more the sticky rice.

that’s not gonna stop me from ordering dessert if there’s one thing you have to try in here it’s this!!!!!!

Well, my sugar mama pays for the bill. Let me just tell you that those last custard buns are beyond sweet so if you don’t have a sweet tooth you might not want to order those but they’re mine and Haelee’s personal favorite treats in all of Bangkok those things are crazy and this is a great dim sum place. I’d like to think of myself as a bit of a dim sum lover, I know some great spots in my hometown of Toronto, some awesome spots we found when we lived in LA and this place ranks right up there with them it walks that fine line that dim sum has to walk you know, you want it steaming hot but you don’t want it to burn you, you want it to be fresh but you also want it a little bit stinky, you guys know what I’m talking about if you love dim sum. This place walks that fine line almost perfectly and they’re usually on point so check it out! I’m only going to leave one pin for this place, I don’t want a ton of teenee pins for every location but if there’s a location closer to you just go into google maps search Hong Bao and find the location that works best for you, this one is uh the closest for us and it always serves up the goodies so check it out when you’re craving dim sum.


Additional Information

There’s all sorts of tasty dim sum options all over Bangkok, but this place truly is one of the best. There’s a few locations around the city, so you’re never far away from one. It’s certainly not cheap, but is worth every penny.