Beautiful Beach Resort In KOH LIPE

Funky resort on Pattaya Beach in Koh Lipe that’s a nice place to stay during your time on the Island, or stop-in for dinner. The food is tasty and the location is awesome.

Video Transcript

So this is a place called “Ananya” it’s a bump and resort well it normally would be we’re at the tail end of that big pandemic that we keep trying to forget but look at this big pool, they got like a bandshell over there this place goes on and on, we’re just here for dinner tonight so I don’t know what this place is like as far as a uh place to stay goes but I can tell you that as far as a place to come and eat dinner on the beach it’s funky uh check this place out! it’s got all kinds of seating, nice artwork, a good typical beach menu and look at the setting out here which is beautiful right down on the sands of Pattaya beach in Koh Lipe this is the Ananya oh I got a lime soda come and check it out!!

Additional Information

Koh Lipe is a Thai island situated in the Andaman Sea near Malaysia’s border. The area in which it is located is filled with rich coral waters and small islands that you can visit. Because of this the island is renowned for its local dive sites including the 8 Mile Rock and Yong Hua shipwreck. If you’re not into scuba diving, this island also has many sandy beaches including Pattaya and Hat Chao Le for relaxing beach days. To get to this island you must take a ferry which is what makes it even more local and quieter. The crystal-clear waters surrounding this island are home to many different sea life that temporary visitors can explore during their free time. It is interesting to explore smaller islands like this as opposed to the busy tourist islands because it is much calmer and less busy. As you can see from the videos and pictures themselves this island is beautiful and a must visit. If you are ever to visit this island, a place we highly recommend you stay is called Ananya. The video above shows you this beautiful resort, giving you an idea of how relaxing a holiday can be here. If you don’t want to stay here that’s okay too, Ananya also has delicious food and drinks perfect for a day visit while you’re on the island. We also have plenty of other local food options we recommend that you can find on our app if you find yourself on Koh Lipe. It is a super unique and interesting island to visit that we couldn’t recommend more for your trip to Thailand. Since the island is so small, you can explore the land mass on foot and still have a very interesting experience with a wide range of activities. It is also easy to find the perfect sunset spot since there are so many beaches to go around.