KOH SAMUI - Amazing Ramen

Awesome restaurant in Koh Samui, Thailand where the food is carefully prepared and attention to detail is high. The atmosphere is clean, comfortable, and friendly. Both the Ramen and Fried Chicken are delicious!

Video Transcript

So we’re here at “Shima Ramen” it’s a super rainy day and I’m going to start with a teenee tip for you, if it’s pouring rain and you want your food delivered there are a couple of apps to look into one’s called grab food and another one’s called food panda there’s a couple of panda guys outside right now and they’ll go through the heaviest terrain on their little motorbikes to bring you your food to your villa or wherever you might be staying. We came out we braved the rain and we came in because we wanted to show you this little ramen shop. I love finding little ramen shops wherever we go so there will be a lot of ramen in teenee for you so that you can satisfy that urge when you feel it like I often do. What I have in front of me here is the gyoza so we got a nice little port gyoza let’s start with this and see how it is.

Yeah! that’s a nice juice juicy gyoza, she’s been in the back whipping up it’s kind of like a one-man band in here and she was whipping up all of this stuff fresh. They got the the noodle makings we got some nice cashew pork in here, there is an egg in there somewhere…there it is, one of those nice you know those nice soft ramen eggs so this is a shoyo pork just a classic ramen let’s put a piece of char shoe on there.

Oh a rich broth, I got the spicy ramen and I’m here with Adam. He got the regular one this one has a bit of kick to it, I usually order the spicy ramen wherever I go but this is just a little rainy day stock to warm us up, I wouldn’t say it’s chilly out there but it’s uh it’s not a typical blistering hot day so ramen is really gonna hit the spot here so if you’re ever around these parts come into “Shima Ramen” it’s just on the ring road outside Bo Put and enjoy a nice hot bowl of ramen.

Additional Information

Koh Samui Thailand is a very popular tourist spot because of its beautiful beaches and amazing nightlife. Considered a relatively small land mass, it takes about one hour to drive around the whole island. Because of this, it can be quite difficult to find foreign foods in this limited location. But as always, Thailand never fails to surprise us with delicious foods. Shima Ramen is a shop on Koh Samui that serves the traditional Japanese ramen with pork or whatever else you may want as a topping. Whether you want a classic miso ramen or something a little spicier, this place has it all.

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