KOH SAMUI - Cozy Restaurant

Quiet restaurant in Koh Samui, Thailand with a cozy setting serving delicious food and caffeinated beverages. This is one of those hidden places that is well worth a visit.

Video Transcription

So this place is called “My Café and Restaurant” it’s super cool, super funky it’s separated over two buildings and it’s just a really funky cool place to hang out, check this out there’s a lake that separates the two buildings with the patio if it wasn’t drizzle and rain this place would be busy because the food here and the caffeinated beverages are what makes it famous. They got everything from club sandwiches to Som Tum, Massaman curry to spicy Thai salads. This place has rave reviews and the settings pretty spectacular as well if you’re a digital nomad you might want to just camp out here and make it your office every day, I’m not going to show you any dishes that I’ve eaten here there’s way too much to choose from but it’s famous here on the island and for good reason a little teenee tip for you, there’s a big parking lot just next door so if you’re driving in park over there this is on a pretty narrow road you’re going to want to park there and probably stay a while.


Additional Information

Koh Samui is an island in Southern Thailand full of hidden gems. It’s pretty easy to explore at surface level, but as soon as you want to peel back the layers, it can get difficult to navigate. This is one of those spots off the beaten path in the Bo Phut area that most tourists probably wouldn’t find. The grounds that this restaurant is set on are absolutely spectacular, and even features a cool pond to overlook while you’re enjoying your food. It’s a great spot to check out with the whole family for a nice lunch out on the island. They offer a wide selection of Thai food and International food options, so no matter what you’re craving, there will definitely be something for you. While you’re on Samui, be sure to rent a car and do some island exploring. It’s easy to sit back and only stay on the grounds of the beach resort you’ve probably booked, but this place has so much more to offer than just spectacular beaches and are definitely worth checking out. The cool part about Samui is that the fact that the landscape changes so fast. You can go from crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches to mountainous jungles in the span of a 20 minute drive. The other neat thing that this island offers is the perfect blend between local delicacies and western amenities while still retaining its island charm.