Local Khao Soi In Chiang Mai

Authentic Khao Soi that is especially popular amongst Thai people in Chiang Mai. Make sure you get to this Khao Soi place a little bit before the regular lunch rush because you’ll be waiting outside for a while if you don’t.

Video Transcript

Back with another Khao Soi for you in Chiang Mai this teenee needs like a Khao Soi guide to Chiang Mai but this one’s crazy special this one’s recommended by my buddy Leon say hello to tennee.
Leon: Hey hello teenee.
Chris: Yes, so tell us about this place okay so this place is actually really famous khao soi it’s called khao soi masai as you can see this place like crowded right now it’s good for like locals every everyone’s come here every morning have some Khao Soi a beautiful Khao Soi against Khao Soi.
Chris: Just khao Soi.
Leon: Yep, that’s pretty much here.
Chris: And what do you order in there, what’s a little Leon secret give him a secret of what to order.
Leon: Actually like I really like Khao Soi beef is really good because the beef is like melting in your mouth and like yeah everything is good and then like I hope you come here and try this khao soi because look at that!
Chris: Yeah, obviously you’re gonna have to uh either wait in line or maybe come just before or just after the lunch rush we got a number we got a ticket I’m gonna take Leon’s advice and go in and have the beef and I’ll tell you all about it.

loading up our first bite here Leon’s got us with the beef we both got beef ready Haelee one two three

oh yeah Leon steers you in the right direction we’re gonna enjoy this Haelee and I are here we’re enjoying this with a lovely young Thai couple here who who’s introduced us to what might be the best Khao Soi in all of uh Chiang Mai let us finish it up and then I’ll tell you how much it was because that’s also some good news.

So, that was absolutely delicious delicious stuff and as I said the price is amazing it was uh 45 baht for the Khao Soi with chicken and 50 baht for the cow soy with beef ice splurge got the Khao Soi with beef you’re talking like a less about a dollar fifty for a bowl of rich delicious hearty northern Thai Khao Soi right here in Chiang Mai it’s gorgeous out best time of year to come to Chiang Mai is uh I would say October, November let’s say November, December, January the weather’s perfect there’s a little teenee tip for you head on up to Chiang Mai uh any times great except burning season but those months are spectacular so enjoy and if you’re looking for some Khao Soi check out this place.


Additional Information

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