RW4U Real Estate Vol. 04

Fun and informative stories from cool people and cool properties here in Thailand 🇹🇭

Welcome to the latest edition of the RW4U Real Estate Newsletter where we highlight some of Thailand’s coolest areas to live and the properties that make them special. In this month’s edition, we’ll dive deep into and share some awesome properties there that would make a great home for any Thailand Lover. With that said, I hope all of you have kept well and should you have any questions about moving here, feel free to reach out to us at🇹🇭

Congrats… 🔥

First things first… just wanted to say a big congrats to those of you that made the move to Thailand this past month and entrusted us to help you find an awesome place!

In no specific order, we have…

  1. Greg who secured a condo in Bangkok 🌆
  2. Kenneth who locked in a townhome in Bangkok 🌆
  3. Fabiola who ended up in a sweet Bangkok apartment 🌆
  4. Bobby who decided on a Chiang Mai pool villa ⛰️
  5. Adam who purchased his dream home on Samui 🌴
  6. Sebastian who chose a local style townhome in Bangkok🌆
  7. Nikki who got a ballin’ penthouse in Bangkok 🌆

One of the best parts about running the RW4U Real Estate program is meeting all of you and being part of your life here in Thailand. It’s beyond special.

Meet The Team 👊🏼

As many of you already know, RW4U Real Estate is a nationwide network of select realtors that we trust and work closely with to help each and every one of you. We have Noi in Bangkok, Matt & Evan in Chiang Mai, and Andrew in Koh Samui. Well, last month we welcomed an AWESOME group in Phuket to help those looking for property on Thailand’s biggest Island… Bob and his team at Phuket Prime.

I spent two months looking for the right people to work with down there and feel lucky to have found them. They’re knowledgeable, have over 22 years of combined experience, and most importantly… are extremely trustworthy in a market where that’s extremely difficult to find. We made the following video with them to launch the start of our partnership if you’re interested in checking it out…

If you’re looking for property in Phuket, Bob and his team at Phuket Prime are the right people for you.

Some Cool Spots 🏠

Now is the part of this newsletter where we highlight some properties for ya. As mentioned in the opening, this month we’re going to focus on Phuket and look at three options…

  • An ultra-luxe new development
  • A sweet pool villa that screams value
  • A turnkey condo option

Three properties. Three price-points. One Island.

Let’s go.

1) Phuket – Pure luxury @ QAV Residence

This is a new development community located in one of the most desirable parts of Phuket. Just a few KM’s from Bangtao Beach and the funky Boat Avenue, it’s a high-end neighbourhood and lifestyle centre for those looking to live the very best of the Phuket life. The community itself is made up of Balinese-style pool villas and also includes Tennis Courts, Fitness Centre, Spa & Onsen, as well as various cafés and restaurants. QAV has it all and is literally in the middle of it all.

Units come in 4x types…

Type A:

Here’s some stats for ya:

  • Starting at 26.4M Baht
  • 337 SQM of Useable Area
  • 3 Bedrooms + 4 Bathrooms
  • Swimming Pool
  • Sundeck
  • 2 Car Private Parking

Type B: 

Here’s some stats for ya:

  • Starting at 30.1M Baht
  • 443 to 488 SQM of Useable Area Depending on Specific Villa
  • 4 Bedrooms + 4 Bathrooms
  • Swimming Pool
  • Sundeck
  • Outdoor Dining + BBQ Grill
  • 2 Car Private Parking

Type C: 

Here’s some stats for ya:

  • Starting at 54.2M Baht
  • 574 SQM of Useable Area
  • 5 + 1 Bedrooms and 5 + 1 Bathrooms
  • Swimming Pool
  • Extra Plunge Pool
  • Thai Kitchen
  • Maid’s Area
  • Family + Study Room
  • Sundeck
  • Outdoor Dining + BBQ Grill
  • 3 Car Private Parking

Type D: 

Here’s some stats for ya:

  • Starting at 59.4M Baht
  • 789 SQM of Useable Area
  • 5 + 1 Bedrooms and 5 + 1 Bathrooms
  • Swimming Pool
  • Extra Plunge Pool
  • Fitness + Sauna Room
  • Sundeck
  • Outdoor Dining + BBQ Grill
  • Family Room
  • Study Room
  • 3 Car Private Parking

If you’d like to learn more about the community itself or any of the unit types, feel free to reach out to where we’ll have a chat and then get you connected with Bob and his team.


2) Phuket – Value, Value, Value @ The Residence

This is one of those properties that can best be defined in two words…

  1. Value

  2. ROI

Located in a private villa community just 10 minutes from Bangtao Beach, it’s the PERFECT property for those looking to plant a flag on the Island and spend a portion of the year there while it yields favourable rental returns while you’re not there. A true win-win.

Here’s some stats for ya:

  • 417 SQM Plot Size
  • 150 SQM Living Space
  • Two Bedrooms with Ensuite Bathrooms
  • Rooftop Patio
  • Swimming Pool
  • Expected Rental Income of roughly 7000 Baht per night with a significant premium on top of that during Phuket’s high season

As far as sale price goes, you’ll have to email me at to find out 😉.

In all seriousness though, if you’re someone that is looking for GREAT value while also churning a solid rental return to high-end vacation goers, this property should be high on your shortlist. If you’re at a point in your life where you’re slowly transitioning to a full time life in Thailand but aren’t quite ready to be here year round, this is the ideal setup.

Again, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to


3) Phuket – Cool Condo Living @ Diamond

Located just 600 Metres from Bangtao Beach, Diamond Condominium is one of the best condo projects on the Island that has all the bells and whistles you’d expect… High-end units. An Olympic length swimming pool. Quality health and wellness facilities. On-site food and drink options. You name it, this condo project probably has it. It’s the ideal property for those looking for a turnkey option whether it be for personal living or as an investment. Should you decide to rent it out, the investment team will guarantee you a 5% ROI for the first 5 years. I said it previously but this is as turnkey as it gets.

Here’s some stats for ya:

  • 10.78M Baht
  • Ground Floor Unit w/ Easy Access to all Facilities
  • 76 SQM
  • 2 Bedrooms + 2 Bathrooms
  • World Class Property Management Team
  • Fitness Centre On Site
  • Olympic Length Swimming Pool On Site
  • 600M to Bangtao Beach

As always, if this type of purchase is something that you’e interested in, feel free to reach out to to chat.


Well there ya have it… another edition of the RW4U Real Estate Newsletter.

If you’re interested in renting or purchasing property in Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, or Bangkok, then reach out to to start the conversation and ask any Q’s you may have.

As I mentioned earlier, all we promise is that we will work our hardest to find exactly what you’re looking for and help you through the process. For Thailand Lovers. By Thailand Lovers. 🇹🇭