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Teenee allows you to experience Thailand like never before. The best restaurants, cafés, nightlife, hotels, and attractions. For just $2 Per Month or $10 Per Year, it’s like having a local friend in your pocket at all times.​


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Interact with Thailand Like Never Before

Get ready to take your Thailand experience to a whole new level. 

Easy Search Tools

Whether you want to filter by category or search for what you’re craving, Teenee makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. 

Turn By Turn Directions

Once you decide where you’re headed, Teenee allows you to choose your map application of choice for turn-by-turn directions.

Local Recommendations 

These aren’t sponsored pins. These are curated suggestions from people that have hundreds of years of combined Thailand living experience.

Private Videos

Enjoy private video guides for every single pin inside of Teenee. Over 300 videos to help you get the most out of each recommendation.  

Peel Back The Layers

Expandable pins, private videos, helpful descriptions, and user-comments will give you an amazing understanding of exactly what’s being recommended. 

When ready, select your map application of choice and Teenee will automatically re-direct you there with turn-by-turn directions. 

The best noodle shops in back-alley Bangkok. A secret beach in Phuket. An amazing bar in Chiang Mai that only the locals know about. Teenee has all this and much more for just $2 Per Month or $10 Per Year.

Ask Teenee!

With the ability to search, filter, and enjoy bite-sized videos across hundreds of recommendations provided by people who live here, it’s like having a local friend in your pocket at all times.

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