Teenee Submission Portal

Now is your chance to get some of your favourite spots included in Thailand’s top travel App. We want you, the Teenee community to help make the App even better by sharing some of your favourite spots that we aren’t able to get to

If you’re looking to see your favourite Activity, Attraction, Restaurant, Resort, or Nightlife establishment included in the Teenee App, this page is for you. 

Please watch the video and read the instructions below so you understand exactly how to get some of your favourite places in Thailand included in Teenee. Our entire goal with the App is to enhance the Thailand experience for as many people as possible. We’re going to be adding  our favourite user submissions to Teenee every single month, so make sure to follow the instructions to ensure your favourite spot is included in Thailand’s top travel App!

Step 1 – Introduction + Main Video Clips

First introduce yourself to Teenee. Please say your name, where you’re from, the name of the place that’s being recommended, the location of the pin being recommended, and the Teenee category that your recommendation falls into. Then describe the recommendation as effectively as possible where sound quality is a top priority.

Avoid recording in an area with lots of traffic or lots of wind noise. When shooting these clips, please ensure that everything is shot horizontally and NOT vertically.

Step 2 – Supporting Video Clips

After you shoot the clip where you describe your recommendation, you would then go and capture video clips of what you spoke about.

If you are recommending a beach that is well-known for its windsurfing, diverse selection of cafés, and amazing sunrises, you would go and capture a few video clips that show each of these things. 

Step 3 – Organizing + Submitting Your Footage 

After you’ve shot all of your video clips, you must then transfer the footage from your phone or camera to your computer. Once the transfer has complete, please put all of the individual video clips into a single folder. After your folder is created, click the button below where you’ll be directed to a Google Drive. Simply upload the footage to Google Drive, and share the folder with us at teeneemanagement@gmail.com

If your submission is approved, your recommendation will be added to the Teenee App and you will be entered to win a Thailand Lovers shirt shipped to you for free anywhere in the world.