$2 All-You-Can-Eat Buffet In PHUKET

Solid restaurant in Phuket, Thailand with good Pizza, Pasta and Thai food along with a reasonably priced buffet.

Video Transcription

Hungry for some pasta maybe just maybe you’re in the mood for a 79 baht. You can eat buffet of Thai food and salads and such or maybe like me you want a fresh wood fired pizza. Well, look at the pizza chef working behind me. He’s cooking up my pizza right now in this giant pizza oven. I’m here at the Kindee Bistro there’s a local spot with great prices good food so be great place to bring the kids if you want to get everyone some pizza, pasta or like I said a super cheap Thai buffet head on down to Kindee.

So we had pasta which was really quite good and fresh. We had a pepperoni pizza because I like to keep it simple with the pizza had a coke and a water and the total bill was 378 baht. You know what this place is it’s a value Italian place really family friendly where I’m from we have a place called East Side Mario’s, not sure if you’ve heard of that one but I bet where you live there’s a value Italian restaurant it’s not like where you’d go for a fancy romantic Italian dinner it’s the type of place you’d bring your kids now the one difference is of course that all you can eat Thai buffet for 79 baht and they had all kinds of stuff in there the salads in the buffet actually looked pretty fresh. They had a bunch of different Thai food options it was uh pretty impressive think about that an all-you-can-eat buffet for about two dollars and fifty cents.


Additional Information

This is one of those places in Phuket, Thailand that you could enjoy on a weekly basis. The staff are friendly, the food is tasty, and the drinks are cold. If you’re from the United states, it reminds me of an East Side Mario’s but with a bit more of a local twist. If you are not in the mood for western food, and are instead craving some tasty Thai flavors, then they have a buffet filled with all sorts of local options that starts at just 79 baht. Ridiculous. This Bistro is located in a convenient part of Phuket that isn’t necessarily on the top of any tourist lists, but it is extremely well regarded amongst the locals. Lots of foreigners choose to live here because the beaches are great, it’s a little bit more relaxed than other areas down South, and it offers a great quality of life for those that choose to stay in Thailand longer term. Phuket is one of those islands where you can have an amazing experience, or a so-so experience. It’s all about where you choose to stay and spend your time. It’s shocking to me that so many people only stay in Patong Beach and that this is the area that’s famous around the world. Phuket has so much more to offer then just put on, and the location of this Bistro is a great example.