Experience Thailand like A Local

Thailand is one of those places that’s easy to explore at surface level, but a little tricky if you’re looking to pull back the layers a little more and really get to know this wonderful Country. That’s why we created Teenee. 

It’s an App that allows you to experience Thailand like never before. The best restaurants, cafés, nightlife, hotels, and attractions all with turn-by-turn directions. With the ability to search, filter, and enjoy bite-sized videos across hundreds of recommendations provided by Thai’s and Expats that actually live here. It’s like having a local friend in your pocket at all times.

Reliable Travel Insurance

There’s a lot of different travel insurance companies out there and often times it’s a pain to find the right one. I get all sorts of emails about this topic from those of you that watch my videos, so I decided to include the company I use on this Thailand Tools page. 

SafetyWing is a global travel insurance company that provides awesome coverage for anyone that lives abroad, but their rates and coverage make it ideal for those vacationing in Thailand as well. The big advantage here is that their coverage includes COVID related costs. Can’t recommend these guys enough.  

Cheapest Way To Get Thai Baht

Another hot topic that I’ve noticed gets asked a lot is the cheapest way to convert whatever your Local Currency is into Thai Baht. Myself, as well as other friends that live here or travel here regularly use Wise and their Wise Debit Card for this. 

Essentially, you create a profile and then transfer money from your local account to your Wise Account. It’s then super easy to convert to Thai Baht at the spot rate plus a small fee. Way better than those lame banks that charge a 15% exchange fee on top of their already skewed exchange rates. Once you arrive in Thailand, you can then use your Wise Card to pay for things, or pull out cash from most ATM’s. This service has saved me thousands over the years. 

Fun App For Learning Basic Thai

Thai’s are probably my favourite group of people in the World. They’re just so awesome in every way. If you plan on travelling here, being able to speak their language will improve your experience 10X. English isn’t that prominent outside of the main tourist areas, so if you plan to do some exploring throughout the Country, it’s worth preparing yourself by learning some basic Thai.

For the foodies out there, picking up some key words and phrases will also grant you access to all sorts of Thai recipes you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. Ling, the App I used when I first moved here is designed to make it fun, and as easy as possible. They’ve gamified it perfectly. 

Access Your Home Country’s Internet When in Thailand

One of the things that can be a pain when travelling or living abroad is the fact that you’re on a completely different variation of the internet. The Netflix content is different. Certain sites are blocked. Pricing on the same online items may be more expensive. The list goes on and on. 

After trying out a few different VPN services while living here, I’ve found SurfShark to be the fastest and most consistent. I mainly use it to access banking documents back in Canada, unlock regional sporting events, and compare flight prices, but there’s all sorts of use-cases where having a VPN makes life easier.