I wear an Awkward Shirt in almost every video I make.  A lot of people have asked about them, and if there is a reason I chose this shirt. The best way to answer this is by sharing with you a note from one of my best friends, in his own words… 

Three years ago my wife called me awkward and as soon as she said it I felt proud.  She was referring to my penchant for not caring what others think of me and my ability to ignore negative noise and focus on who I am and what I want.

The day after she called me awkward, I went out and got the word tattooed on my arm. I did this to remind myself that I am indeed awkward and to never succumb to outside influences trying to dictate who I should be.

Shortly after I decided to print up 100 awkward shirts with the tagline “be yourself”. These shirts I gave away to my good friends who have blazed their own unique life paths. Once a year I continue to print shirts and give them away to people who inspire me. 

I have given shirts to Chris over the past three years and when he started making YouTube videos, he was wearing the shirts.  Chris believes in the message behind the shirts and told me he wants to share that message with you guys. 

The message is simple. Be Yourself. People with dreams that are not supported by those around them should be urged to not give up.  Kids who are bullied should love themselves. Don’t give a shit about what the masses think and follow your own beliefs and path.  

I always thought this would be just for friends, but both Chris and I see this as an opportunity to spread the word of celebrating uniqueness. 

~ Scott

Due to many requests, we will work to release very limited runs of the shirt, and each run will be its own unique color scheme so you will own a shirt that means a lot to us.  We hope anyone who does wear these helps spread positivity based around a simple message….

Be Awkward.  Be Yourself.

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