What To Do During Hot Season?

With full-blown hot season just around the corner, I wanted to share some ideas of things to do to stay as cool as possible (beyond just going to the beach or lounging by the pool) if you find yourself here over the next few months. Here’s what I came up with…

  • Check out the world-class shopping malls: Thailand’s shopping malls are world-famous, and they offer a range of indoor activities, including shopping, dining, and entertainment options like cinemas, bowling alleys, and ice-skating rinks. Perfect for staying cool on a hot day.

  • Attend a cooking class: Thai cuisine is renowned for its unique flavors and use of fresh ingredients, so why not take a cooking class and learn how to prepare some delicious Thai dishes while here?

  • Relax with a spa day: Thailand is famous for its luxurious spas (and not so luxurious spas haha), where you can indulge in a range of treatments, from traditional Thai massages to herbal scrubs and facials.

  • Take a Boat Ride: Thailand has many beautiful rivers and canals, and taking a boat ride can be a great way to cool off and see the sights. Popular boat tours include the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok and the Mae Ping River in Chiang Mai.

  • Visit some of the Cooler National Parks: Thailand has many beautiful national parks that are perfect for hiking and exploring. Some of the cooler one’s include Khao Yai National Park, Doi Inthanon National Park, and Erawan National Park.