A Taste of Mexico on SAMUI

It’s no easy task finding tasty mexican food in Samui. For the longest time, there was really no options at all anywhere on the Island, but Tips Tacos changes all of that. It’s delicious, the portions are nicely sized, and the prices are reasonable.

Video Transcript

So I’m just walking up the street here just on my way out of Lamai and what’s this “Tip’s Tacos” oh I love tacos maybe I’ll turn in here and have a meal oh wait I’m already in here did I get you you got me anyways you know that I love Mexican food and then I always talk about my life in LA and how much I miss the Mexican food there well I’m here at Samui’s newest taco joint and it is up to the game somewhat here sure some movies no La when it comes to Mexican food but I’m here at tips tacos and behind me you can see everything that you could get here they got all kinds of stuff even some funky fusion stuff like a Masaman curry with fried rice in a burrito but down here is what I’m about to munch on so let’s start with this it’s a simple chips with a homemade guacamole and a salsa looks pretty delicious let me just give that guac a little taste for you!

yeah guacamole is generally pretty good that’s got a homemade flavor I could use a little more garlic in it but I’m a bit of a garlic ham next up I got this you can get three tacos for 200 Baht so I have a chicken taco and a soft tortilla uh wrap I have a Carnitas Taco in a soft and I got a hard shell ground beef comes with some sour cream some dip and these are bigger than I expected three for 200 Baht not a bad deal at all let me give the Carnitas a little taste so I’m just gonna pick that up get a little Mexican probably chipotle sauce a little sour cream


that’s really nice the pork is really good soft tender it has a nice amount of flavor in there like some homemade salsa lettuce onion bits tomato bits probably some cilantro Tasty Tacos I’m gonna dig into those and and last up here is a burrito of some sort look at that giant log here uh but let’s turn it over to the current cameraman and uh he’ll tell us how this one tastes.
Adam: So I got a chicken burrito nice uh Mexican style wrap let’s cut into it and see what we got here oh yeah it looks good it’s a good size oh it’s got some weight to it I like that so check inside there chicken cilantro I got mine with no sauce I’m not a huge tomato or a huge onion guy but it looks damn good to me it’s some Mexican fried rice so let me take a bite here oh wait I can’t take a bite and not add some of this chipotle sauce or the sour cream one more for good measure here we go mmmm…wow that’s a good burrito wow I’ve never had anything like this on Samui Mexican-wise I know a few good places in Bangkok but this is new for the island it’s my experience here tasty business
Chris: So it’s chow time I’m digging into these and so can you if you click the map icon make your way down towards Lamai and check out Tip’s Tacos!


Additional Information

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