Affordable Dim Sum In Chiang Mai

Solid Dim Sum in a classic Thai hole-in-the wall setting. The Dim Sum itself is a 7.5 out of 10, but the value that this place offers is an absolute 10. Beyond great prices and you’ll leave wanting to go back.

Video Transcript

Look at that an electric tuk-tuk you don’t see too many of them, I like it though I like it, that’s nice so do you like dim sum because I like dim sum and this here is a place called “Toey Dimsum” recommended by my buddy Gmac. I must say Haelee and I are uh dim sub snobs I think you could call it so we’re gonna see we’re gonna see Gmac if this is up to our snobby level of dim sum our favorite place in Bangkok is called Hong Bao if you’ve clicked around the teenee pins in Bangkok you already know that this is like a hole in the wall definitely good prices I think each of the most of the dim sum in here is like 25 baht you walk up to the cart they have it all pre-laid out you pick which ones you want and then they’ll steam it up for you right there on the spot so it should be a fun experience for sure and it is a local recommendation by my buddy Gmac who lives here in Chiang Mai. How much? / 435 / Okay so we’re all done and the word is satisfaction Gmac good on you buddy 435 baht for and we ordered quite a few things I think it is literally like 30 25 to 30 baht a dish maybe we had Siomai, we had pork dumplings wrapped in cabbage and steamed up we had two orders of the spare ribs they were great, we had some noodles, we had closed it off with two orders of the sesame balls and ginger sauce make sure you get those but uh yeah as far as dim sum goes being the dim sum snobs that I said we were I wouldn’t give the dim sum itself a 10 out of 10 maybe a 7.5 like it’s it’s good it’s at that level that’s good but not great but when you add the value the ambience and uh just the cool factor of this little hole in the wall Thai dim sum spot here in Chiang Mai then this place definitely deserves a visit the last thing haley said that she was paying is she wants to come back here for sure.

Haelee: 335 baht

Chris: She made a mistake? Oh, one last minute correction it was 335 baht so about 11 10 and change for that sushi feast that we just had so value off the charts in here good times, yeah and it’s always busy so check it out Toey Dimsum.


Additional Information

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