Amazing Bar And Grill In Phuket

Great Bar and Grill specializing in both Thai and Western favourites, located in the heart of Boat Avenue in Phuket with air conditioning and an awesome garden setting. Make sure you try the Roasts on Sundays and the Curry on Wednesdays!

Video Transcript

For this pin we’re out in front of this Mexican place you could eat here you could eat it a lot of places in this little mall and boat avenue there’s also lots of good shopping along here but you know what rather than see my mug talk to you you see that in a lot of pins let me just show you my point of view and tell you where we’re headed. As you come in, that’s the main road out here and as you come in there’s tons of shopping, tons of places to go there’s a place here called “Ann’s Kitchen” and this is where we’re headed today, it’s got Thai food, it’s got western food, it’s a big place actually some indoor seating there nice patio some outdoor seating Haelee’s browsing the menu, let’s take a look! what did you get Haelee? / I got Yam Woon Sen / and what is Yam Woon Sen for those teenee users who might not know / so it’s like a little glass noodle with a bunch of vegetable and shrimp sometimes there is a pork / and do I see some Thai chilies in there / oh yeah I asked Nit Noi, little / a little spicy all right so Haelee went for the Thai option / and then flavor wise it’s a sour sweet and spicy / just to show you that this is a restaurant that does both Thai and western pretty good I got myself a baked potato with cheese and bacon it does come with a side salad so there’s a little bit of health value there they actually have three different kinds of potatoes you can choose from so I like the idea of a baked potato and a side salad as a little western meal a little taste to western food it’s not super cheap in here Haelee’s dish was 250 baht this is 180 so a little on the higher end but still very affordable it is delicious and like I said this this area of boat avenue has Ann’s Kitchen and a lot of great options.

so that was Ann’s kitchen a tasty little spot now I need to find some shorts and there’re tons of little shops along here to do some shopping so I’m going to see if I can find anything in here and come check it out for yourself if you’re ever in this part of Phuket.

Additional Information

Phuket is a lovely island for nice dinners and lunches, with numerous international and Thai options. If you are looking for a restaurant with a nice setting, Boat Avenue is the place to go. Although the video above shows this restaurant in the daytime, the nighttime setting is unmatched. The food is also delicious, making it the perfect nighttime activity with a beautiful atmosphere and tasty meal.