AMAZING Coffee Shop In Koh Samui

Amazing coffee shop in the small beach town of Thong Krut in the South part off Koh Samui, Thailand. It’s definitely worth a visit if you find yourself in this part of the Island.

Video Transcription

That’s the magic time right there when the caffeine shot goes into the milk and a nice iced latte. We’re here at Boy’s coffee shop and this is in the real southern end of the island. This place is really really delectable coffee reminds me of what my buddy say over in Phuket. If you haven’t seen the pin for the coffee talk in Phuket, it’s one of my personal favorites. Go check that out but this place is definitely worth a visit. I’m gonna put one more pin at the neighboring beach bar and these pins are meant to get you a little bit off the beaten track. Get out of Chaweng, get out of Lamai,  come on down to Thong Krut.  This is just a sleepy little fishing village and the people that tell me Samui’s overdeveloped I bet you haven’t been down here. I mean, need I say more this is a super cool place. Click on the pin right over here the beach bar, I’ll continue and I’ll give you a little teenee tip in that video as well but if you’re hankering for some caffeine for some Thai tea and you want to go out on a little excursion or if you’re ever in the Thong Krut area always organic coffee, teenee approved!!


Additional Information

Koh Samui is one of Thailand’s most famous islands alongside Phuket. One big difference however is that although it has become extremely popular over the past 20 years, it seems to have retained more of a local charm then its bigger counterpart just a few hundred kilometers away. Yes of course, it has great restaurants, fancy resorts, and wild nightlife, but it also has many sleepy beach towns that tourists generally don’t make it to. The area featured in the video above is a classic example of this. Located on the island’s southern coast, Thong Krut offers amazing nature, minimal traffic, and kind people. The owner of the coffee shop that this video is all about is the perfect example. Not only does he make an amazing coffee, with fresh ground beans from the fertile soil of northern Thailand, he’s also just an awesome guy that does everything with a smile. If you ever find yourself on the island, then definitely make sure to rent a car or a motorbike and head down to this beach town off the beaten path to enjoy some beautiful views, crystal clear waters, and a tasty caffeinated beverage made with love. In fact, Thailand’s coffee scene as a whole is amongst the best in the world with the beans that grow in the far north. The Country’s tropical latitude combined with high elevation makes for really unique soil, perfect for growing high quality beans. It’s surprising that more people don’t know about this and that Thailand coffee isn’t in the conversation when it comes to world class coffee, because it certainly has world class taste.