AMAZING Korean BBQ In Koh Samui

Amazing Korean BBQ Restaurant in Koh Samui, Thailand where you’ll find locals enjoying all of the savoury flavours that this wonderful genre of food delivers.

Video Transcription

If you ever get a hankering for Korean food and you’re in the northeast part of Koh Samui, I got a place for you! It’s called The Bap. Bap means rice in Korean and this place has gone through a couple of iterations but it serves out delectable Korean goodies. We’re here with a whole group of people half of them are Korean. I used to live in Korea four years over there so when I recommend a Korean place you know it’s the best that the local neighborhood has to offer and this place here is definitely the best that this neighborhood has to offer. This lady has been cooking in here, this’s Halmroni. “Halmroni” means grandma in Korean and they’ve been cooking in here for years. It’s a really really delectable spot we’ve got Jjigae, we’ve got Kimchi pancakes, we’ve got all the Korean side dishes we have beef just grilling up in there which I need to get to in just a minute great place for a group Korean dinner here on Koh Samui, you’re definitely going to want to come into The Bap.


Additional Information

Who would have ever thought that you could find solid Korean food on a tiny little island in the Gulf of Thailand? Well, that’s exactly what ‘The Bap’ is. Located in the super cool community of Plai Laem in the Northeastern part of Koh Samui, this Korean BBQ restaurant serves up quality meats, tasty side dishes, and cold drinks to satisfy your cravings. This is one of those places that’s perfect for a family dinner after a fun day exploring all that Koh Samui has to offer. As mentioned earlier, another great thing about this spot is its location. The community in which it sits is full of friendly Expats and Thais alike, and also has some solid beaches. It’s one of those districts that really feels like a tight community where you can get to know your neighbor and enjoy each other’s company. Another big benefit of this area is it proximity to Samui’s only airport. Instead of taking a van, or driving 45 minutes to your villa or resort after a long flight into Thailand, Plai Laem is only a 10-minute drive. Super convenient. If you find yourself vacationing in this part of the island anytime in the future then make sure to pay a visit to ‘The Bap’ to enjoy tasty Korean food surrounded by great people. Like the rest of Thailand, Samui is constantly changing, and it wouldn’t be surprising if more international food options started to pop up all over the island. In fact, the Island’s mayor wants to market it as an amazing place to own a second home and spend longer amounts of time, which fits perfectly with the overall vibe of this wonderful place.