Amazing Korean Jjigae in Bangkok

This is an amazing restaurant if you’re craving some delicious Korean Jjigae. Although not the easiest spot to find, this is one of those hidden gems that’s worth the search.

Video Transcript

This place is gonna be hard to find but it’s gonna be worth it for me anyway off the busy streets of Sukhumvit in between Asok and Nana station just under the BTS and in this building I think it’s called times square you’re going to want to come inside the building walk past this boots pharmacy this Boots pharmacy and you’re going to be in this non-descript mall here there’s really not much to it just a collection of stores you’re going to be going up here to the fourth floor and the reason is for a Korean dish named Pude Chige it’s one of my favorite Korean dishes of all time one of the first Korean dishes i fell in love with when i moved to Korea back in 1994 and the origins of the dish are really interesting after the Korean war there there was a lot of poverty in Korea and a lot of people kind of scavenged through the waste of the us army bases the leftovers even the garbage and stuff and they created this dish for people who were stricken by wartime poverty called Pude Chige and it’s turned into a classic Korean dish a chige is like a half soup half stew type of dish they have kimchi duenchang all kinds of chiges this one you usually order for more than one person you usually don’t order an individual order and sometimes I just have a deep craving for it Haelee used to make this for Anna and i at home all the time but now that Anna’s moved out living on her own and Haelee and I are on our own we don’t get to eat it at home anymore so I’m gonna show you where I’ve found to eat it right here in Bangkok we’ve made it in here and I brought someone who can teach us a little bit about those delicious side dishes you get in all the Korean restaurants let’s see what we got here.

so we have seven side dishes here with the cucumber I think and radish pickle and this is a egg and this is a potato and this is a fish cake and this is I think it’s or it can be that sorry the papaya she’s confusing the Thai with the Koreans and this is a bean sprout so it’s like a very typical Korean side dishes.

so they just gave us a little free duck boogie Haelee will tell us what that is. It’s basically rice cake stew with all Korean lobster it’s my childhood treat after school it’s rice rice cake sauce yeah rice cake and chili sauce boil it and also this fish cake is a must they have to put this that’s a must for Haelee I’m gonna avoid the fish cake.

As you can see it’s got ramen noodles inside of course it has kimchi they put bacon in this one they don’t always do that and they put hot dogs and then there’s a hearty thick broth and you just kind of load it up blow it off because I hope I don’t burn myself.

It looks spicier than it is the Korean red sauce has a bit of kick to it but it’s not like Thai food spicy it’s a bit more of a tangy spice oh I love it we also ordered this it’s called kimchi jan and it’s like a kimchi pancake this is an amazing side dish with any Korean meal really is I mean the best and easiest way to describe it is the kimchi pancake they always serve it with a little sauce usually a bit of a soy sauce flavor but mmm tangy kimchi taste this is kimchi jun and I highly suggest you get one of these at any Korean meal.

We almost finished it all yeah so that was “Arai Soondae” and uh soon day is like this Korean sausage it’s I think a Korean blood sausage that was the food that Haelee craved when she was pregnant with Anna and uh that’s the only time in her life that she’s eaten it we didn’t come here for the Soondae we came for the Pude Chige we threw a little kimchi jut on the side it was 900 baht in total so uh if you’re it and it was amazing it really really was amazing I can’t wait Anna for you to come to Bangkok next cause oma and I are gonna take you here oh they’re closing up the mall you can find this place on the fourth floor just click the maps icon whenever you’re craving some good Korean!


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