BANGKOK - Amazing Northern Thai Food

Amazing Northern Thai restaurant in the heart of Ekkamai. The Khao Soi is especially tasty alongside the lemongrass sausage. If your sweet tooth has a craving, then ask for one of their coconut-based desert bowls that are beyond tasty.

Video Transcription

I’m excited to share this place with you because it’s one of those regular spots on mine and Haelee’s Bangkok hit list. We come here, I’d say at least once a month, it’s a great local Thai spot and if you love northern Thai food this is our favorite place in Bangkok so far to get it. I’m curious what your favorite place is but this is a really great option and by northern Thai food I’m talking about for us it’s those northern Thai sausages with that twang that those things have and for me, Khao Soi noodles they also have Gang Hung Lei Curry which is a northern Thai specialty but the Khao Soi noodles these rich egg noodles in this rich coconutty uh broth with a very distinct flavor not too spicy just a little bit of zip on it and make sure you dump in the uh the pickled mustard greens and the shallots that they give you squeeze a little lime over top and then get ready to dig in the chicken will just fall off the bone and on top of that when you’re in here they have this dessert that I can’t remember the name of it now, it’s a strange Thai name but it’s barley and coconut flesh in this warm coconut milk and it’s absolutely spectacular, this is a cool little place nice and hip on the inside let’s go in and enjoy.

So that is how you pay on your way out of here they give you these two little buttons or a little button that represents what you’re ordered and then you hand it to the usually an old lady this time was the gentleman man in the cashier and you pay up this is one of those nice cheap Thai places, I can’t recall but I think it’s about 70 or 80 baht for a bowl of that delicious Khao Soi and just before I go here, I should just give you a bit of a preview because there’s a few things here this is an entire row there used to be a really nice Chinese restaurant in there I would have put it in teenee but they went out of business during the old the whole pandemic thing but there’s often some good bars here and I’ll probably be adding a couple more pins in this little square that Homduan’s located in if I haven’t already you can check that for teenee. One final note is that I love Khao Soi and if you can do me a favor drop a comment let me know your favorite Khao Soi restaurant in Bangkok or whatever part of Thailand you live in because uh I want to go try it out myself. All right, I’ll see you on the next teenee pin.


Additional Information

Hom Duan is an amazing northern Thai restaurant located in the Ekkamai district of Bangkok. The Khao Soi is especially tasty and is as good as it gets outside of Chiang Mai or Northern Thailand, where the dish originated. This is one of those spots that’s probably worth a visit even if you’re not staying in the immediate area. It’s that good.