BANGKOK - Authentic Sushi

A must hit spot in Bangkok, Thailand for all sushi lovers out there. Super authentic, lots of variety, and reasonable prices are what makes Kitaro awesome!

Video Transcript

This guy’s the master, this place is called “Kitaro” and if you were looking for sushi well, then you found the right place here in Bangkok. It’s just of this side alley here in uh off of that Sukhumvit Soi 26, Sukhumvit just a half a block that way feels like I’m in blade runner the rains starting to come down a little bit the signs here are fully in Japanese this place. I love sushi, I lived in LA bit of a sushi snob due to that experience I gotta be honest the sushi in Bangkok generally is a little bit disappointing that’s my opinion and so when I found this place last year it just uh really really made me happy because not only is it good as I’m talking I’ll show you some shots of the experience in there which was it’s really fun, it’s super Japanese. The chef’s from Osaka, he’s got a first mate and a second in charge that he’s training up a whole fleet of uh hostesses in geisha uniforms that all yell at you when you come in it’s it’s a really fun atmosphere, it’s usually pretty busy and it’s remarkably great value so they have all kinds of things on the menu from I think it was whale tongue to ovary of puffer fish in vinegar and salt or something like this but haley and I came for the nigiri all other nigiri is 120 baht per two pieces so for you sushi lovers out there, you start to calculate that that’s quite the deal compared to most places around the world and compared to most places in Bangkok that’s quite the deal 120 baht that’s less than four dollars for every order of a double two-piece nigiri and yes! that includes toro and yes that includes uni believe that one uni for 120 baht the way that they get around that is they put a little small portion of uni in which Haelee and I were happy about because the only other way around it is to serve crappy uni which they don’t do the uni was great in there. Every time we’ve been in here the uni’s been nice and fresh brought in from Hokkaido, I think he said so this place is a very reasonably priced sushi joint closest BTS station is Phrom Phong but we got a map icon that you can click to come and find this place and so far for me it’s uh it’s awesome it’s a regular on my sushi hit list.

Additional Information

Bangkok is the Capital of Thailand and a huge metropolitan city filled with many fun activities. Most known for its street life and cultural landmarks, this explosion of culture never fails to awe its visitors. If you are looking for a taste of Japan after having explored the Thai street food, look no further than Kitaro. This roadside restaurant is a traditional Japanese sushi house, serving the best of the best and fulfilling those Japan food cravings.