BANGKOK - Nice Little Soi Side Restaurant

Nice little eatery in a chill part of Bangkok, Thailand’s Ekkamai neighbourhood. The lemongrass chicken is tasty, the drinks are cold, and the service is fantastic.

Video Transcription

Sawatdii Krap!

So Adam’s been coming here for how long?
Adam : uh like eight months, this place is awesome!
Chris : really this is a good place we got ice cold LEO but we’re gonna add some ice to those LEO and I know to some of you this is a sacrilege but uh oh wait wait one minute, what’s the name of your restaurant?
Vendor : Krua Khun Kwan.

Well, I can’t say it but I’ll leave a link for you so that you can find this fine ladies establishment Adam’s eaten here many times. What dishes would you recommend?
Adam : the fried chicken with lemongrass is nice and then the fried spicy rice vermicelli noodles with pork or chicken is also really nice and the beers go down delectably!

Well, that sure sounds good to me, sometimes you just have to point at a menu when you’re in these local Thai spots. This is a nice little local Thai spot, you might know Ekkamai but you probably know north Sukhumvit if you walk a couple of blocks south of Sukhumvit you’re gonna find a more local part of Ekkamai that you might not know so we’re gonna enjoy these ice cold LEO and this lady’s giggling away, she’s gonna make us up some nice little local Thai dishes but as I was saying Ekkamai is like hip happening lots of spots you’ll find several pins up that way probably on Sukhumvit soi 63 which is uh soi hok sip sam but if you come down this side of Ekkamai there’s this street and then there’s another street up that is super local these dishes are 70 to 100 baht each we’re going to enjoy them and this is a part of Ekkamai you might want to check out!


Additional Information

This is a local favorite in Bangkok’s Ekkamai neighborhood that serves up tasty food and cold drinks. It’s not necessarily worth venturing off the beaten path for, but if you do find yourself in this part of the city, it’s probably worth a stop in. The owners are super friendly, as most Thais tend to be. The menu is pretty limited, but one benefit about that is the fact that they have refined what they do happen to offer, which results in a treat for your taste buds no matter what you order. It’s the perfect place to meet a friend after work for a beer, or stop in to have a quick bite to eat on your way back home. When I was living in Ekkamai, I found myself here once every couple weeks when I wanted to catch up with a friend and kick-off a fun night out at one of the cities many clubs , pubs, or bars.

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