BANGKOK - Premium Burger Joint

Amazing burgers in Bangkok, Thailand made with high-quality beef and fresh ingredients. This is a premium burger joint with multiple locations across the city.

Video Transcription

I’m here on the busy Sukhumvit road and I’m about to go for my favorite burger in all of Thailand. A lot of people out there probably think there’s a place called “Daniel Tiger” that was famous it’s like the best burger in Bangkok but teenee’s here to tell you that’s not the case you’re going to want to find a “Prime Burger” this place they have many locations, I’m going to put a pin here in my home location but they’re all over the place. I think, they’re growing quite quickly. I think, they started by a guy out in Pattaya and I’ve been to the location there and it was delicious as well, they have all kinds of delectable burgers in here named after cities like a Stockholm, a Paris, I like the New York myself I like to keep it simple with my burgers. You could pick whatever you like, you can get a single or double, they have all kinds of different fries, my personal favorite are the cheesy fries, they come with a nice hot liquid cheese and little jalapeno bits to put on top absolutely amazing! I was home recently in Toronto my hometown and I remember my old favorite burger place there called “The Burger’s Priest” and I was so excited, I thought this was gonna be awesome, I’m gonna get it and then I realized you know what? my favorite burger now is “Prime Burger” here in Bangkok although I will say there’s a place in LA called “Marty’s burgers” a little burger shack on pico that I like but if you get a hankering for a burger like I do then check out “Prime Burger” if this isn’t the location that suits you just go on google maps and find one nearest to you. It’s not cheap, I’ll tell you that! it ain’t cheap, it’s worth it to satisfy that burger craving. Oh boy was that satisfying, back out onto the busy roads of Bangkok. Question for you teenee users, as this burger chain keeps expanding do you think they’ll be able to maintain their extremely high quality? sometimes places can and sometimes places can’t, drop a comment below and let me know where your favorite burger place in all of Thailand is I’d love to know. The beauty of teenee is that none of these places are paying a nickel to be in the app so over time if they lose their luster if there’s enough negative comments, we’ll start removing some places, this list is always refreshing so that’s the best thing about it and it’s thanks to all of you out there who subscribe to teenee because it allows us to just keep this app to ourselves, keep the suits away, keep the venture capitalists out of our kitchen and it allows us to continue curating Thailand’s best list of things to do!


Additional Information

This is one of those places in Phuket, Thailand that you could enjoy on a weekly basis. The staff are friendly, the food is tasty, and the drinks are cold. If you’re from the United states, it reminds me of an East Side Mario’s but with a bit more of a local twist. If you are not in the mood for western food, and are instead craving some tasty Thai flavors, then they have a buffet filled with all sorts of local options that starts at just 79 baht. Ridiculous. This Bistro is located in a convenient part of Phuket that isn’t necessarily on the top of any tourist lists, but it is extremely well regarded amongst the locals. Lots of foreigners choose to live here because the beaches are great, it’s a little bit more relaxed than other areas down South, and it offers a great quality of life for those that choose to stay in Thailand longer term. Phuket is one of those islands where you can have an amazing experience, or a so-so experience. It’s all about where you choose to stay and spend your time. It’s shocking to me that so many people only stay in Patong Beach and that this is the area that’s famous around the world. Phuket has so much more to offer then just put on, and the location of this Bistro is a great example.