BANGKOK - Premium Movie Theatre

One of Bangkok, Thailand’s best premium movie theatres. The set-up inside the cinema is very nice and the vibes are great. Definitely an awesome spot to take in a movie on a rainy afternoon. One note is that it’s on the 4th floor of the Emquartier Shopping Mall located right at Prom Phong BTS Station.

Video Transcription

Going to the movies in Bangkok can be awesome the movie theaters here are usually brand new I’m at one called the “Quartier CineArt” it’s probably where I see most of my movies. Me and iron man here, we like to go to the movies here um it’s super modern, super new, they have an imax theater, they have a couple of different funky theaters as you can see behind me I mean going to the movies here in Bangkok like the seats are super comfy uh be sure to stand up for the uh kind of national anthem before the movie they seem to do that here which is different from where I’m from but we’re gonna go see Dune tonight, Dune just came out so that gives you a sense as to when I shot this video but movies are reasonably priced here a little bit cheaper than where ‘m from and like said it’s a super comfy experience this is right in the EmQuartier shopping mall to find this place you just jump off the Phrom Phong BTS station and this is up on the fourth floor of the EmQuartier shopping mall. Super modern, super nice, super comfy and some delicious popcorn. If you come here let’s have some fun! drop a comment with whatever movie it is that you saw here and let’s build our own little movie collection right in the comments section of this one teenee pin.


Additional Information

One thing that continuously blows my mind about Thailand is how much better things like shopping malls, public transportation, condo buildings, etc. are compared to where I’m from in general. This is probably because all of these mega-projects and infrastructure is relatively new and gets built at lightning speeds. Another class of activities that falls into this category and evokes the same thought are the movie theatres here. Not only are many of them brand new, but you can also get VIP treatment and seating at a decent price. Quartier CineArt is one of these amazing theatres conveniently located in the Prom Phong district of Central Bangkok. It’s inside of the famous Emquartier shopping mall (which is a bit of a spectacle on its own), and delivers an amazing cinema experience. You can get all of the western movie snacks that you’re probably used to, but you can also get some treats with a bit of a Thai twist. If you find yourself staying anywhere in central Bangkok, the best way to get here is to hop on the BTS, get off at Prom Phong, and then follow the signs that direct you to the theatre.