BANGKOK - Quality Massage Shop

Cozy spot in Bangkok, Thailand to enjoy a nice spa day or get a good massage. Very professional, and highly-qualified staff!

Video Transcription

So this one’s for all you massage lovers out there and when you’re in Thailand who doesn’t love a good massage I’ll get them any old place as long as they’re rubbing my feet giving me a nice back rub twisting me this way and that but Haelee’s a little more discerning in her massage taste, she’s quite picky actually and this is a place that she swears by it’s called “Best Beauty And Spa” and it’s a Korean massage place that she’s been coming to for ages and ages and every time we find ourselves in Bangkok one of the first things she does she gets all excited and books a massage here so she’s in there right now and it’s a tough place to find it’s kind of on the back streets up Sukhumvit 23 type area but you’re gonna need the map icon and that’s why we have it, you click it open up in your favorite map app and you’ll get directions right here, it’ll show you exactly how to find this place and come on in enjoy a massage. Let’s see if we can catch Haelee as she’s coming out.

Chris: Oh we caught you!

Haelee: Yeah, I got caught.

Chris: Oh and how was it?

Haelee: It was amazing, always fantastic.

Chris: Really? so I was telling them that you’re the massage expert what is the uh what’s so good about this place?

Haelee: This place, first of all, uh the massage is great and the price is very reasonable, and also for a woman they give you a facial massage like a full-on moisturizing and face massage detoxing so it’s just everything is great. I’ve been coming here for three years I cannot say like it’s just everything is just great so I want to recommend it.

Chris: Oh good well yeah if Haelee recommends a massage place then I would take her advice if I was you. We’ve just been back in Bangkok this time for what like a few days and she already booked her time to come back in here so there you go a little Haelee tip for you, For you massage lovers out there.


Additional Information

One of the most significant things that Thailand is known for globally is it’s deep rooted massage culture. You can’t walk 100 meters in Bangkok without seeing a massage shop, but it’s not always easy to find one that’s super clean and above board. Many of them attract foreigners looking for a little bit more than just a massage, which can definitely be a bit awkward if you’re part of the group that actually just wants a high quality, relaxing experience, and nothing more. This spot is located in central Bangkok in a beautiful setting, and is super clean, comfortable, and has high quality and well trained staff. It’s one of those places that’s great for a couples massage.