BANGKOK - Tasty Ramen House

Delicious Ramen house in Bangkok, Thailand serving a high-quality variation of this popular Japanese dish. You can expect to enjoy fresh, quality ingredients in a minimalistic, modern setting.

Video Transcript

I’m gonna start this video a little different, I’m gonna start it with a little food porn.

Did you like that? we sure did! this place is called “Mensho Tokyo” and it’s one of those places it’s right on Sukhumvit halfway between Asok which is about 500 meters that way and Phrom Phong BTS which is about 500 meters that way right in the middle you can walk here from either of those bts stations and we’ve walked by this place hundreds of times over the past few years and living just up there, we never came in until tonight now we’re saying why did we never come in here until tonight. Okay, if you’re a ramen lover here’s the deal with this place you gotta get this thing called Hiyashi it’s a little appetizer, it’s a bowl of cold noodles with white truffle oil a little asparagus flavorsome little one Japanese tomato this thing is like an umami bomb in your mouth and it’s tiny you can get that you could have it yourself or share it with someone, then I got what’s called the Miso there goes a BTS Skytrain right up there. I got a Miso Wagyu thing and there’s two Wagyu one’s ungodly expensive this one was like 300 and something baht, not cheap! but two slices of of Wagyu Chashu in the broth, it’s a very rich rich broth, it’s not an everyday ramen. Haelee got the Tsukemen the noodles that you dip into the broth hers was also very rich we both love them 10 out of 10 but the jury’s out on whether this would be an everyday ramen place or just like a special treat ramen place I’d have to come back and try one of their more standard uh broths before deciding that because what we ate tonight was super rich but as I said it was an umami bomb well worth checking out if you’re in Sukhumvit.

Additional Information

Bangkok’s different BTS Sky Train stops have some of the best restaurants that are within walking distance of these popular zones of the city. Two popular BTS stations are Asok and Phrong Phong, where you can find large shopping malls such as Terminal 21 and EmQuartier and exotic food restaurants from all over the world. In between these two stations many Japanese restaurants populate the neighborhoods and are always busy with people looking for a satisfying meal. If you love Japanese Ramen, you are going to love Mensho Tokyo. This restaurant has the heartiest broth and the tastiest noodles that create the perfect ramen bowl. If you are in the neighborhood of Asok or Phrong Phong, this is a must-try place for a delicious dinner or lunch. Our greatest recommendation for this place is the Mini Hiyashi. This dish has a hint of truffle and asparagus flavor, creating a unique flavor bomb in your mouth that is worth it.