BANGKOK - Thai Chinese Food

Local restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand that has been open for more than 50 years. With lots of different Thai-Chinese options, this spot is a favourite amongst locals. My friends Dana and jib who run the channel ‘Idea Studio Bangkok’ introduced me to this tasty spot.

Video Transcription

So we just came out of Bang Chak station the BTS sky train station and for this pin, we’re bringing you to a whole new neighborhood it’s out the end of Sukhumvit where things start to get a little more quiet other than the motor bite and a lot more local, you’ll find Songthaew that you can jump in and ride up the side soi and go explore and those things only cost like seven or eight baht but we’re gonna meet a couple of really good friends who live in this area, you might already know who they are and I’m gonna get them in the video they’re gonna take us to a couple of spots and the first spot is the pin that you’ve just clicked on.
Chris: Haelee you having fun?
Haelee: Yes, I am.
Chris: Nice and we’ve met the locals, I told you you might recognize them. It’s Dana and Jib how are you guys doing so introduce yourself some of these people here in this place might not know who you are they might they might not have seen me on youtube.
Dana: Oh I’m dana,
Jib: I’m Jib
Dana: We have a channel called idea studio on youtube uh where we look at life in Bangkok through the lens of design.
Chris: Nice nice and uh where are we now, tell these fine people that might be watching and looking for a local neighborhood about the neighborhood and about this restaurant.
Jib: So this restaurant name “Rod Di” open for more than 50 years.
Dana: So this our neighborhood of Bang Chak and this is one past On Nut which a lot of uh foreigners will say is like a great place to live but Bang Chak is like to us the spot very local but very cool and actually we’ve never been here and this week will not be here.
Chris: And so this is a little local spot that you guys how long you guys been living in this neighborhood?
Dana: Two and a half maybe more than two less than three! Chris: Nice nice, awesome! I’m gonna get you guys to tell them a few more spots in this area because uh it’s always good when you know the locals especially when you get outside the main parts of Bangkok and Bang Chak’s super cool so thank you.

So we’re done dinner Dana should we take them for dessert?
Dana: Absolutely we should go for dessert!
Chris: All right, you’re gonna have to find there’s gonna be a pin nearby you click on that pin because Dana and Jib are taking Haelee and I for dessert after this dinner.

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