BANGKOK - Thai Style Izakaya in Old Town

Great little restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand with all sorts of tasty food options. A perfect place to grab a drink and split some dishes amongst friends.

Video Transcription

Let me just get you outside of this place, because there’s a little music inside but oh!! it’s not going to be any quieter and out here because we’re in a really busy part of town. There’re lots to do here, let me just give you a reference point, that’s the big Robinsons across the street, I’ve left you a pin told you what robin is, the Shangri-la hotel is just around the corner, Jok Prince there should be a pin for Jok Prince an amazing Jok place, Sarnie’s just around here. There’s a lot to do around here, morning, afternoon or evening this is a great neighborhood to go for a walk and this is a great place if you’re looking for dinner it’s called Palate. They have all kinds of stuff it’s almost like a Thai Izakaya, they have all kinds of stuff in there. We’ve ordered just something simple fried rice, we got some steamed dumplings here and then we got Nam Tok remember that name that’s like a Thai spicy sour sliced pork salad absolutely amazing, I’ve only ever had that at Toronto. Shout out to Si-Lom Bistro in Toronto if you’re ever in Toronto check that place out they have delicious Nam Tok we just ordered in here is about 150 baht 180 baht entrees. Before or after dinner there’re tons of street food street markets just snake up and down the side soi on both sides of this main street here, it’s a fun way to spend some time in Bangkok if you want to come to this place specifically, click the little map icon and your favorite map app will bring you right here!! so we just came out a Palate and we’re heading over to this little street market right in front of the Robinson because we got a little Teenee tip for you. It’s time for dessert, I’m coming to this Chinese dumpling. I want a steamed custard bun, so I got one black sesame, one custard bun 25 baht each.

Chris : Haelee what did you get?
Haelee : I got taro chips.
Chris : How much?
Haelee : 35 baht, about dollar

All right so your final teenee tip after dinner at Palate is to come across the street and get a little cheap Thai dessert and then carry on with your evening.


Additional Information

Bangkok is famous for its nightlife and wild parties, but this place isn’t exactly that. It’s more of a spot where you’d go for dinner and drinks with some friends before heading out to experience some of the craziness that Bangkok, Thailand has to offer. It’s located in a super cool part of the city, the Old Town, which is right by the river and offers fantastic sunsets.