BANGKOK - The Perfect Treat

We headed to a Thai-Chinese shaved ice dessert shop in Bangkok, Thailand with our friends Dana and Jib from  @Idea Studio Bangkok  that makes for a perfect little treat. Refreshing, not to heavy, and delicious!

Video Transcript

So what is this place? It’s a Thai Chinese shaved ice and we’re here at Bang Chak square oops Bang Chak square little outdoor market. Dana’s got us at his favorite shaved ice place. Dana: Like, if you want something nice and refreshing not too heavy this is fun, look at all of these little choices, oh yeah! Chris: Girls are getting excited what are you gonna order?
Haelee: I’m gonna have some some, I don’t know some shaved ice.
Chris: Oh all different flavors?
Jib: Yes, all different.
Dana: You can tell this is not a lot of foreigners come here because there’s no English menu.
Chris: So point it, tell them what they should order when they come okay point it! this one?
Jib: Yeah!
Chris: And then?
Jib: I like this one!
Dana: Yeah, this is like my favorite too.
Chris: Yes, so there you go just pointed that come on down to Bang Chak square for dessert have some shaved ice, you could eat dinner here obviously because there’s just a whole bunch of food stands in here you can see it’s like a courtyard style and there’s just food uh oh there’s a sushi place, there’s food just lined all around the outside of this uh Bang Chak spicy kitchen I bet that’s good people just enjoying. We’re here for dinner but this pin could get you down here for just a local Thai experience where you might be the only foreigner here but that can be the best uh some of the best nights you have here.
Chris: How is it?
Haelee: It’s so yummy, wowwww!

Additional Information

Bangkok Thailand is known for its street life and cultural landmarks. The Buddhist temples stand in contrast with the nightlife of Khaosan Road and Patpong, creating a diversified atmosphere that tingles all your senses. This city offers so many unique activities such as floating markets, massages at every corner, and delicious street food wherever you go. A fun method of transportation in this city involves Tuk-Tuks, which are little three-wheeled motorized vehicles used as taxis and decorated with vibrant lights. The BTS Sky Train also provides a clean and efficient method of transportation to each of the popular districts of Bangkok. At every corner, there are long lines of street food and markets to satisfy whatever craving you might have. It is safe to say the food in this city is like no other, and that does not exclude desserts. This Thai Chinese shaved ice spot provides a fusion dessert that is a delicious treat to have after a satisfying meal. This shop provides a large array of flavors that are all worth a try if you find yourself in Bang Chak square. The multiple restaurants surrounding this shop are spots for a delicious dinner before ordering the main course, Thai Chinese shaved ice.

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