Bangrak Beach Quality Steakhouse On KOH SAMUI

It’s not easy to find really good steaks in Koh Samui, but at Bangrak Beach Oliver’s is an exception. This place not only has the best beef on Koh Samui, but their pizzas and sandwiches are also to die for.

Video Transcript

So we’re here at Olivers Steak House. I’ve ordered a philly cheesesteak but we got a bunch of appetizers the garlic bread, the bacon wrap shrimp, the uh potato fingers with some blue cheese. This is Olivers Steak House we’re out with a bunch of friends reuniting reconnecting it’s always great to connect with old friends right. We’re right in the middle of Bangrak we got a little doggy down here I don’t know if you can see the doggy but there’s a doggie right there. This place is a stellar again it’s in the sleepy beach town of Bangrak if you’ve come to Samui and all you’ve seen is Chuwang beach or Lamai beach there’s a lot more to this island and this little sleepy town of Bangrak is worth taking a trip up to I’ve left several pins here because it’s one of my favorite parts of Samui and I hope that you explore it here. There’s some delicious steak with some coleslaw I got a Philly cheesesteak sandwich that I’m about to dig into and it’s going to be absolutely epic. This was a surprise pin, I came in here tonight we just launched our Samui clubhouse up the street and I thought I wasn’t planning on doing a teenee pin here tonight but then they served us the food we’re with our buddies here who live on Samui and we thought this deserves to be in teenee so there’s a little extra treat for you come and enjoy Olivers Steak House if steak is your type of thing and I’m gonna go dig into a Philly cheesesteak, cheers everyone.

Additional Information

As you know if you have ever been to Thailand, Koh Samui is an island that you must visit. It is known as Thailand’s second largest island making it a place filled with fun activities for tourists that are passing by. There are beautiful beaches, mountainous hikes and delicious foods wherever you may go on this island. It has so much to offer all year round and we could not recommend it more. A few examples of some fun activities you can participate in are jet skiing, clubbing and beach bar fun. This island is extremely popular for its nightlife, which is something we highly recommend you take part in. And of course, the day after, there will be plenty of delicious dishes waiting to be consumed by you. If we dive deeper into the food scene of Koh Samui, you will notice that there are numerous night markets with traditional Thai foods, but also many western restaurants to satisfy your comfort food cravings. One place we would recommend satisfying this craving is Oliver’s steakhouse. This is a premium steakhouse located in Bangrak beach and provides the best quality meats and sides.

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