Beautiful Beach Resort Tour On KOH SAMUI

The Kimpton Kitalay is a beautiful beach resort located on Koh Samui Thailand. Plenty of amenities such as pool bars and lounge spaces provide you with the perfect spot for a relaxing vacation.

Video Transcript

Well hey there teenee! my name is Canadian Chris and I’m down here on Choeng Mon beach on my favorite island in Thailand of Koh Samui and I wanted to show y’all a new resort that just opened up. My friends like to stay there when they come and visit me and everyone has told me that it’s really great although they don’t seem to show the leaf games on the tvs for some odd reason well anyways it’s a nice blend of modern and Thai styles, it’s not for you budget seekers out there I should tell you that they charge close to ten thousand baht a night so so this one’s for the richie riches of the world but but I got some buds back home they made a million bucks in maple syrup and they told me that it does provide good value for your money when you’re willing to spend it, their pool area is amazing and they got a sweet little bar right beside the beach with hammocks and such so so it’s a good place to get some adult beverages and just really chill out if you know what I’m saying there pretty nice place eh folks now if you do decide to stay here I’d recommend walking down to the beach here turning right and walking all the way to the end down there and then hang another right you see down around the corner well it’s the coolest little beach bar that only the locals know about it’s called Lost Beach Bar well and if you want to go hang out where the locals hanged and that’s just a great place to check out and oh yeah you can also get some nice Somtam from a lady who hangs out right in the middle of the beach there it’s like street food on the beach now it’ll be way cheaper and way better than eating every single one of your meals right here in the resort now.

Additional Information

Koh Samui is an island filled with many places to stay considering how popular it is amongst tourists. It ranges from expensive places, like beach resorts and villas, to low budget huts for budgeting backpackers. The place mentioned above is on the more luxurious side, as it is a five-star hotel located right on the beach. This place has a beautiful pool and many beach chairs located right on Choeng Mon Beach which are essential for relaxation. And if you are feeling hungry the local spot called Honey Seafood has delicious food for a much cheaper price than what the hotel has to offer. As you can see, the video above is not like our typical videos on this page. This is because this was a skit to promote our User Submission feature that we have introduced to Teenee, our app. The main video promoting this was featured on my YouTube channel Retired Working For You.

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