Beautiful KOH SAMUI Beach Front Resort Tour

The Beach on Koh Samui is a beautiful resort located in Taling Ngam. This award winning luxury beachfront boutique hotel and resort is one of the most beautiful resorts located on the island.

Video Transcript

In today’s video one of you is gonna win two free weeks at this incredible Samui resort stick around till the end and I’m gonna tell you how you could win what the rules are but man two weeks free here and that’s not all there’s another video that just just watched the videos for crying out loud.

hello out there world my name is Chris and I’m retired giving stuff away to you. I’m in the sleepy little fishing town of tong croot here in the quiet southern half of Koh Samui and this is our biggest giveaway ever it’s not even close actually in this video I’m gonna be giving one of you two free weeks at this amazing place you’re gonna be able to choose your rooms we’ll go in I’ll show you what your options are there’s another video where we’re giving away two free weeks on the island of Phuket at another hotel stick around to the end i’ll give you a link to that one but i’m really excited to be giving this away to you guys and i’m excited to see this place we just got down here and we’re going to go on in we’re going to meet Khun Rung and she’s going to show us through your potential free room. I think we found her, I think we found her you must be Khun Rung oh Sawatdee ka / nice to meet you / yes nice to meet you welcome to the The Beach Samui / maybe you could introduce yourself for people / yes I am Rung, I am resort manager here at The Beach Samui, I will taking care of all the guests who will come to stay here / so if you guys win you’re going to meet Khun Rung and she’s going to take care of anything you need / sure / tell me about this place / yes about The Beach Samui here we are located at a Tongkrut village right, we are stay with the fishermen village nearby here, we are quiet and peace area nice for your relax / and it feels like a really boutique hotel like how many rooms here / In total we have 21 unique / and different kinds / yes we have uh the total is three three different / can we show them the different kinds of / sure I will escort you this way please / okay, all right Khun Rung room number one that these people have a chance to win what type of room is / this it is with a standard suite yes you can stay only two people / two people it’s pretty roomy how big is it / about 60 square meters / about 600 square feet yeah yeah it’s really really nice, I’ll give them a look inside the bedroom but I think they should come out here and see the view do all rooms have a balcony / yes uh on the second floor every suite we have their balcony and private bathtub here / oh beautiful so you can take a little jacuzzi over here yeah / every suite is direct to the ocean view / nice and where’s the sunset / the sunset is right side over there / okay great let’s look at option number two / yes okay let’s go / well I don’t know if you’re excited but I sure I am / okay this is a grand suite we do have just only two sweet at the corner the room is bigger than superior sweet like we showed before can stay only two people as the same also this week we have the last side of the balcony and baton / actually on second thought screw you guys I’ve taken the two weeks here wrong I’ve changed my mind after seeing this room I want to stay here myself, okay we’ll still give it away and actually let me give you a bit of the backstory of how this all happened.
Let me show you through one of the rooms you could win while I tell you this story so I’m just driving around Phuket right my phone rings it’s this guy Bryan we’ve never met before but he’s like hey Chris I love your channel, I love your enthusiasm towards Thailand and now that things are getting ready to open up again I was wondering I have two hotels that I run I went on Phuket one on Samui do you think your viewers would be excited if I gave two free weeks at each of the hotels and I’m like oh yeah Bryan they’d be excited and so a couple hours later I drove over met him this was all the same day he was a super awesome guy and he just wanted to share the excitement about Thailand opening up again so thanks to him you could win two free weeks right here so shout out to you Bryan for making this possible and for supporting all of us Thailand lovers out there worldwide so as I said you’re gonna have the choice of three rooms it’s gonna be subject to availability you can’t come at Christmas there’s a couple of blackout dates but other than that you get two free weeks at any room number one room number two or this room which i think you’re gonna try and get into this is room number three wrong tell us about this room / yes, now we are in our mezzanine suite or we call duplex suite we can stay here four people like uh / and it’s like got a big loft up here / yes you can stay like a big family four people or two couple because we have two bedrooms separate uh bathroom / you also have these floor to ceiling windows here / yes / that’d be nice to wake up to so picture doing this look at my feet dangling off the bed here this is a loft style room imagine waking up to that every morning curtains on a remote control, sorry to interrupt but I didn’t want to give you a sense as to what it’s like down here in Thong Krut you can see these kayaks behind me they’re free so if you do stay here definitely paddle around this bay there but one unique thing about this part of Samui is off in the distance you can see Koh Tan, Koh Madsum and you should definitely rent one of these long tail boats you can get them for really reasonable prices for a half day or a full day do some island hopping it would be a really special Samui experience. This place is kind of like the Chaweng it’s super chill super quiet just old school fisherman’s beach restaurants and bars nice little cafes it’s a sleepy little fishing village that offers a really unique Samui experience, okay back to the rooms! I’m gonna show them the upstairs so check this out it’s full like loft style think of like a beach loft say manhattan beach loft in Koh Samui look at this gorgeous bedroom up here and then yeah the bathroom around here beautiful bathroom oh there’s a surprise surprise there’re two shower, there’re two showers here Haelee’s marveling at the dual shower okay Haelee which one do you want? / I want this one / Haelee’ll take this one, I’ll take this one this is your final room option all three are pretty good I’d say. This is a boutique resort and there’s only 23 rooms here total it’s gonna offer you about the most tranquil two-week vacation you could imagine and to get it for free is pretty insane of course this room has a gorgeous balcony oh man that view is absolutely insane this is so much fun okay Khun Rung I have to run, I gotta take them down and explain to them how they can win thanks so much / you’re welcome / she might be meeting one of you soon let me tell ya.

all right it’s time to tell you how you can win so here’s how it’s going to work for the two weeks here at the beach resort in Thong Krut and Koh Samui the winner is going to be selected from one of you out there who’s buying our Thailand lovers merch that went on sale this week it’s only on sale for a few more days we’re gonna randomly pick a winner from anyone who buys a t-shirt boxing gloves go check that out I will leave a link to learn all about that and as a point of reference the last time we did a merch drop there was only about 500 people or so who bought so that means you could have a one in 500 chance of two free weeks here plus it’s a super slick Thailand lovers uh design and there’s a whole video on that to win the two weeks in Phuket anybody can win you don’t have to buy anything so don’t worry about that if you want to learn more about that just boop right over there to this little video and if you do want to learn more about the merch drop then beep right there on that one and I can’t wait to see who wins drop a comment below let me know which room you’d pick and good luck to you all.