Beautiful PHUKET Elephant Sanctuary

The Phuket Nature Elephant Reserve is a beautiful sanctuary where you can spend an afternoon with its delicious Thai restaurant and nature hikes. You can arrange custom hikes right from the elephant sanctuary to work up an appetite before lunch. They also have a more difficult hike every Saturday morning for anyone wanting a real challenge.

Video Transcript

So we’re here at the Phuket nature elephant reserve and the grounds here are absolutely gorgeous. There are a couple of restaurants here there’s pins you can come and just check it out walk the grounds eat while you’re up here there’s another pin of a little noodle shop just down on the road by the entrance though. Lots of kids playing here it’s very kid friendly, there’s elephants to feed and I will say I don’t know how you guys feel about the whole elephant thing but it’s one thing that seems to be going in the right direction here in Thailand is the treatment of the elephants at a lot of these reserves has certainly improved since we started coming to Thailand and there’s a lot of places that uh you probably wouldn’t enjoy based on you know putting saddles on the elephant’s backs and certain things that everyone’s learned is just a no-go but domesticated elephants are certainly a part of Thai culture and Thai life and places like this where you can come and interact with them but in a much more natural way are what will be featured here uh on the teenee app so come and check this place out if you’re looking for a super chill day, I’ll just show you through the restaurant here and then you can check it out yourself. This is it you’re the mahout yeah uh what’s your name? / Hui / Nice to meet you and what’s uh her name or his name? / Lotus, a female / hello lotus how are you pretty majestic I would say look at this big girl so yeah this is uh the way it happens now I just wandered out uh wandering on the grounds saw Lotus getting washed by the mahout and uh came down here so check this place out and if you get hungry there’s another pin called Banjang that’s right next to this, go click on it and I’ll continue this video over there and show you where to eat in here. One thing about this place that you’re going to want to realize is that there’s elephant sanctuaries where you pay like uh you know a hundred dollars or whatever and you go in and it’s a half day program here we just came in there’s a gorgeous restaurant reasonably priced um and it’s just super low-key, super chill, there’s only two elephants that are here so it’s not a full-on elephant sanctuary experience it’s like a garden jungle elephant meal experience I thought I’d point that out.

Additional Information

Another amazing thing about this Elephant Reserve is that it is not one that treats the animals badly to satisfy tourist’s wants. They take good care of their animals while allowing visitors to enjoy their natural beauty.