Best BBQ Restaurant In PHUKET Thailand

Good value BBQ pork dishes amongst other tasty Thai food that come in generous portions. Definitely worth checking out this spot if passing by Phuket Thailand.

Video Transcript

Little roadhouse for you or as peter griffin would say roadhouse. Here’s your burger sir / thank you / sir I need another dollar 25 / Is that right. Keep the change, road house.

Anyway this is the pork smokehouse but the sign looks like this it just has the Thai words on it so you’re gonna want this video to guide you on the side of this road to find this little non-descript hidden gem of a place. They got large portions in here, ton of amazing pork dishes. Let’s walk in while I tell you they hang the pork out they’re all cooking it in this open kitchen very very cool spot and it’s got a balcony outside these wood slats open air the building itself is just really really like I said it’s almost hidden and tucked away in there so good thing you got teenee to help you find places like this it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re driving around this area stop in smell the smoke as you go in and then taste the succulent pork enjoy.

so whenever you want to get your fred flintstone on, check this place out!!

Additional Information

Phuket is in the South of Thailand and lies in the Andaman Sea on Thailand’s Indian Ocean coast. This is amazing to visit to see its palm-filled, white beaches and small surrounding islands. Because it has so many small surrounding islands, there are plenty of boat day-trip options if you want to do some exploring and see new sights. The people who live on this island are hospitable Thais that are very welcoming to visitors and eager to share their culture with those who are willing to appreciate it. Not only this, but the island also has amazing Thai food and especially good seafood that is fresh and delicious. Since it is the largest island in Thailand and extremely popular amongst foreign tourists, the island also has diverse food options from all over the world to satisfy any craving you may have. Like all other places around Thailand, Phuket also has magnificent temples that you must visit if you have the time. Although the sandy beaches and beautiful ocean are amazing sights to see, the Thai temples are unique and unlike no other, so you must see them when you have the opportunity. Another fun activity to partake in while you are visiting Phuket is either snorkeling or diving. This island is surrounded by spectacular nature within the ocean with multiple different species of fish and more. If you take a boat trip and explore the underwater nature, you will not regret it. Or you can even go kayaking or paddle boarding and find your own cool spots to explore on your own. After your exploration days, you can enjoy a delicious meal of your choice, and if you explore our page, you will find the best options.