Best Restaurant On Phuket?

Is Surf & Turf the best restaurant on Phuket? Perhaps. It provides an amazing dining experience in a super cool environment. Great fusion food made by a talented young chef. Certainly worth a visit if you find yourself in Phuket’s Old Town!

Video Transcript

So for the first and best pin, we got the guy here who put the whole list together for Phuket, Sean! yeah we’ve just finished I’m gonna show you what we ate but this place is by far so far the nicest dining experience I’ve had in all of Thailand I think, to be honest.
Sean: Yeah this is my favorite place to come and it’s like such a mix of different dishes you know you gotta like order a little bit of everything and just try everything on the menu.
Chris: Good advice and tell them how long you’ve been living on the island
Sean: Uh,15 years now.
Chris: And so the people that put together the list of all the recommended spots combined years on the island.
Sean: Oh, a lot I couldn’t even imagine one lady that is part of that group she’s been here 25 years she was here even three tsunamis so there’s a lot of experience we’re talking hundreds of years of experience.
Chris: Hundreds of years of experience so it’s not just me running from place to place it’s guys like this local who live here letting you in on the little secrets of the island.

So out of every single pin in this whole teenee app if you really want to treat yourself you got to get into surf and turf that place is ridiculous. You got to get the tacos chicken and beef you got to get the ravioli and there’s this fish one I can’t remember the name but go in there that’s like that’s like next next next next level.

Additional Information

Phuket is Thailand’s largest and most famous island for tourists. It is located in southern Thailand and sits on the Andaman Sea. The blue waters, sandy beaches, and delicious cuisine are what makes the island such a popular vacation destination. If you’re looking for a picturesque scene to sit back and relax in, then this is the place to go. Not only is this island beautiful, but the nightlife is also extremely fun and one that tourists find quite lively. If you’re looking for a restaurant with a nice atmosphere, this Surf and Turf is the way to go. This restaurant has got to be a top recommendation on the island of Phuket. What makes this restaurant so interesting is the unique fusion twist that is incorporated into its dishes. Everything on the menu is a must-try, so we highly recommend going back there for several trips to enjoy all the dishes. If you’re looking for suggestions, the Australian Beef tacos and grilled seabass are two dishes in particular that we loved. This restaurant is definitely one to treat yourself to while spending your vacation in Thailand.