Brunch Cafe In KOH SAMUI

Absolutely amazing cafe in Koh Samui Thailand with friendly staff, delicious food, and a menu with crazy variety. Prices are super reasonable and everything is made fresh. This is a must-do if you find yourself in the Plai Laem area!

Video Transcript

So this is the sleepy little beach town of Bang Rak and it’s starting to really get uh to be a have a nice reputation for some new restaurants that are popping up that are getting quality stuff out that is uh new and exciting for Samui and to have a concentration of them in Bang Rak beach is awesome uh the beach at Bang Rak is not the nicest beach in Samui but the beach town it has an old Samui charm to it so you’re gonna see several pins here on teenee that uh that that are gonna get you down to this part of the island that you that you may never go this is not Chaweng, this is not Lamai, this is Bang Rak and it’s quiet this is maybe the only times people generally have come here in the past is because there’s a pier you come in and out of the pier um but in the in the post pandemic world this this place is starting to have a few nice spots to enjoy and one of them is right here and it’s called “Nang Sabai Cafe” we’re in there I’m in here with Anna and Haelee and is visiting us from university so it’s a really nice week you can see me smiling. This place has all kinds of delicious stuff starting with freshly baked bread and bagels and they make up a bunch of sandwiches tons of vegan options breakfast lunch it’s just a super cool place to serve an artisan type food you can see that it’s pretty small but comfortable and funky and cool now I’ll show you what the food looks like and then I’ll tell you how much it costs.

The food here is all jumbo sized so keep that in mind everything’s bigger than you think. This is a breakfast sandwich on an English muffin and it’s about twice the size of what I expected it’s also about twice as delicious as you might expect the muffin is chewy it’s got just the classic um some cheese an egg, a bacon it’s one of my favorite little treats in the world after a night of adult beverages which I might have had last night so we’re just enjoying this. How’s your Anna? / Very good / How’s your Haelee? / It’s very good.

so our order we item I had the breakfast sandwich a classic a really delicious one, the size was a little odd. Anna had this avocado toast with a salsa made from pomegranate stuff. Haelee had a tabouli salad and then we decided to flip these chorizo nachos and this is a classic example of don’t judge a book by its cover when they bring it to your table it looks like a pretty weak plate of nachos but as you pull and get to the inside it just offers a pops of jalapeno cream cheese peppers all kinds of flavors and it turns in to an amazing bowl of nachos that we’re gonna finish up before I tell you the price.

come and see them so the price for that stuff was about 150 baht uh per dish we got four dishes we have the nachos that we split so it was 600, I think it came to 610 baht because of the water so a really good deal uh and for the quality, the quality is amazing there so quality value nice selection vegan options delicious stuff Raiden Bang Rak that’s long survive come check it out sometime.