Brunch In Nimman CHIANG MAI Thailand

Quaint little brunch spot in Chiang Mai Thailand. This spot in Nimman features some interesting items on the menu with a Korean twist.

Video Transcript

This is a breakfast spot in the neighborhood of Nimman it’s neighborhoods chock full of amazing things you’ll see all kinds of pins in this neighborhood for lunches and dinners but this place is called “On The Bread” and it’s a cool little breakfast spot just a tiny little uh kind of one person kitchen and they have a lot of interesting things in here a lot of avocado options you can get avocado on toast avocado on toast with an egg I’m just getting a bacon and egg sandwich they have some Korean options she was inspired by her trip to Korea, when she was younger and so she makes some strange combinations of Kimchi and bread and different Korean options lots of good coffee fruit eggs breakfast anything that you might want for breakfast you’re going to find it here at On The Bread in Nimman. It’s quiet little spot that is a nice way to start the day they also obviously make a lot of great caffeinated beverages, prices are really reasonable in here I think I’m paying about 90 baht for my bacon and egg sandwich so come in and check it out when you wake up and get hungry.

Additional Information

Although it is not the most popular tourist spot in Thailand, Chiang Mai is a place that you must visit if you ever find yourself in this country. It is the largest city in northern Thailand and is home to many unique and vibrant people. Its Old City area still retains walls and moats from its history as a cultural and religious center. The large Buddhist temples are also sites that represent the traditional Thai culture and history. The mountainous landscape surrounding the city provides a lot of beautiful natural attractions and is also home to two tribal villages. Because of its rich culture there are countless activities to take part in and endless sites to see. A very popular location in Chiang Mai is Nimman. The Nimmenhaem Road goes up to Chiang Mai University, so there is a large crowd of younger Thais found in the area. This neighborhood is known for its restaurants, shops, galleries, and cafes, which are super hip and trendy. It is unlike any other place in Thailand because there are people of so many different cultures influencing the decorations and atmosphere of this neighborhood. The brunch place that we recommended above has a Korean twist, which is further representative of the diverse culture in Chiang Mai. It is very interesting to explore this city and meet people that have explored other countries because it creates a blend of cultures leading to something new. Seeing the European architecture and decorations in many of the restaurants along Nimman, goes to show how much people love to share their culture.