Caribbean Garden Restaurant CHIANG MAI

Chill restaurant in Chiang Mai if you’re looking to enjoy cold drinks, tasty Caribbean food, and listen to solid tunes in a garden atmosphere. The food at this restaurant is good as well.

Video Transcript

I love Caribbean food and there’s this cool place here in Chiang Mai called “The Yard” great name great place and it was recommended to me by not one but two people so shout out to you Orawan, my uh Thai friend in Bangkok a lot of you if you follow the youtube channel you’ve seen her throw down some crazy jump drum and bass tunes and then my buddy Gmac who lives here in Chiang Mai just reached out to me last night and said you gotta go check out this new place The Yard and so we did and it’s tasty Haelee and I have been in there eating all kinds of stuff we had jerk wings we had jerk chicken tacos we had these coconut croquettes and we had us as ceviche and it was awesome and I’m catching up here with the chef. How’s it going? / Hi Chris how are you / good man good good to see you and your name’s John? / My name is John Jason’s and I’m the chef owner here uh there’s two of us other three of us rather Damian Johnson and what’s this place all about like it’s a super cool property and what’s the what are you guys going for in here / so basically this is the kind of place you come hang out with your friends eat good food it’s got a real kind of a beach caribbean vibe to it we serve caribbean food which is not necessarily authentic but it’s kind of my take on it so it’s a little more fun a little more uh for the Thai palette as well as the western palette / and you got like a farmer’s market going here on Sunday / yeah yeah this is a Sunday so Sunday’s like our big day we call it Sunday jam uh so some about once or twice a month we’ll do a farmer’s market we’ll do barbecues we have DJ come in live music everybody comes on Sunday and just has a great time / Oh nice and then you were telling me you guys are going to throw down barbecues here / Yes sir, we uh so today we have a barbecue every other week we’re doing something a little bit different uh we might have a Japanese barbecue, South African barbecue, Caribbean barbecue, American barbecue so every week we try to mix it up a little bit. Yeah, so this place is a super fun place become with a group of people have some drinks have some food it’s good in the day time and it would be awesome in here in the night time so click that little map icon and bring yourself in here and maybe you’ll find John in the kitchen whipping up some good stuff. Great to meet you brother / Chris cheers man / thank you.