Cheap Burmese Street Food In CHIANG MAI

This spot in Chiang Mai serves up cheap Thai street food, but they also specialize in Burmese food. It’s really tasty stuff. The curry chicken and the tea leaf salad are especially nice.

Video Transcript

The sign for this place doesn’t match the name so let’s start by getting you there I’m right across the street from the salad concept there’s a pin for that place it’s well worth going it’s a super regular for Haelee and me but this place that we’re going today is called “Nongbees Burmese Restaurant” you’re going to want to look for the sign that says BB restaurant what does it say BB restaurant Myanmar Thai food this place offers Thai food but it also specializes in Burmese food Myanmar food which I’m not super familiar with but uh this place is one of the tops in Chiang Mai to offer this and Haelee and I are heading in here for something very specific google maps says this is permanently closed by the way which as you can see behind me it’s not, so if something does close when you try to find it on teenee drop a comment and if things are really permanently closed we’ll delete them from the app but this place is very much open and there’s a certain dish that haley and I are here for.

so we’ve got our food here we got a classic Thai fried rice, remember this place has Burmese and Thai dishes the only thing we ordered off the Thai menu is the Thai fried rice then we have a Burmese curry chicken I’ve never tried that before we’ll give that a go in a minute and what this place is most famous for and what we’re most excited about is this it’s a Burmese tea leaf salad we’re gonna dig in and give it a try right now I don’t even know what’s in it I don’t know what this is never even heard of it.

Wow it’s crunchy it’s tangy it’s a flavor that I recognize but I can’t put my finger on what let’s ask Haelee.

yeah it’s crunchy, yeah there’s some nut it’s crunchy and soy beany flavor very familiar flavor not foreign flavor and it’s really good now let’s just try this chicken curry straight up a Burmese chicken curry.

Definitely has more of an Indian curry flavor than a typical Thai curry it’s almost like a cross between Indian curry and Thai curry it’s got a little bit of kick to it I’m gonna mix that with the Thai fried rice which I’ll try right now as well we’ll see how they

The Thai fried rice just warms my heart it’s like comfort food it’s really amazing let Haelee and I enjoy this and then we’ll tell you how much it costs. As usual the sugar mama’s gonna settle up while I tell you a little summary that was 135 Thai baht for that meal we ordered three dishes Haelee and I so that’s what four dollars for our lunch of uh three dishes and I’m starting to feel a little zingy here that tea leaf salad has apparently a lot of caffeine in it I guess it makes sense right because it is tea leaves, after all, uh I can already feel it feels like I’ve just uh had a couple of shots of espresso got a little bit of the boop beep so yeah if you’re in Chiang Mai and looking for a Burmese place then by all means check this one out and come on down and enjoy a nice cheap lunch and definitely get that tea leaf salad, all right I gotta go off to the next place a zippity-do.