CHIANG MAI - Authentic Gelato

Amazing Gelato Shop in Chiang Mai, Thailand with even more amazing owners. They have all sorts of flavours and locals have said that they feel this is the best spot for gelato in all of the city.

Video Transcription

So when you’re ready to indulge in a crazy crazy crazy delicious treat check out this place this is “Seven Senses Gelato” started in 2019 by an Italian guy named Stefano but let’s be honest I think his eight-year-old daughter really manages the shop. They have a ton of flavors in there, they have waffles, they have all kinds of stuff. I went for a classic, a classic double Italian flavor of hazelnut gelato and it was easily the best gelato I’ve ever had! Shout out to Leon, my Thai friend who lives up here in Chiang Mai. Leon you recommended this place to me and now I’m recommending your recommendation to all the teenee users, this place is absolutely going to be the best gelato that you’ve ever had, enjoy!!!


Additional Information

One of the coolest things about Chiang Mai is the fact that you can find amazing restaurants that offer all sorts of dishes from all over the world. I’ve visited many cities across North America and Europe, and I truly believe that Chiang Mai has the best food scene of anywhere that I’ve ever been. It’s a big statement to make, but it really is that good. Who would have ever thought that you could find authentic Italian style Gelato and in Thailand? Well that’s exactly with the shop featured in the video above delivers on. The owner is super cool, is involved in the community, and has built out an amazing establishment that both Thai people and Expats alike frequent. In a way, Chiang Mai almost feels like the future of Thailand. There’s so many young people up there that were born in this country, but then spent some time overseas for school or work, and then brought a little bit of that international flavor back to Chiang Mai in the form of the business that they start. It just feels so worldly up here. The nature of Chiang Mai is equally as epic. It’s a stone’s throw away from beautiful mountains that are actually the foothills of the Himalayas. Up in these mountains you can find all sorts of temples, waterfalls, rivers, viewpoints, local restaurants and cafés, etc. There’s a reason that so many people come to Northern Thailand specifically for bike trips in the mountains. It’s stunning. All in all, if you find yourself in the Nimman neighborhood just a couple minutes northeast of the Old Town and you’re craving a tasty treat, then be sure to pay this Gelato shop a visit. You won’t regret it.