CHIANG MAI - Delicious Indian Food

Solid Indian food in Chiang Mai, Thailand where the portions are generous and the staff are friendly. Very colorful restaurant!

Video Transcription

So we’re in Chiang Mai we’re in the super hip trendy Nimman neighborhood and we’re craving Indian food so Haelee just checking the menu in there at this lovely Indian place called “ACCHA”. This place is highly recommended by locals it’s a big space indoor-outdoor, they even have like a tent outside that you can sit in really really cool atmosphere and a very authentic Indian taste so we’re gonna go in there. We’re gonna probably try some few different things compared to what we normally try and I’ll tell you how it is and I’ll show you the place while we’re at it but this is ACCHA in Nimman, Chiang Mai.

Okay, we made it in we’ve sat down and the table’s absolutely full of food, let me walk you through what we got. First, we have these onion fritters with some nice kind of pickles they give a flight of six different kind of Chutneys and this is all like usually I get the green one and a tamarind but they’ve got a Mango Chutney, Red Onion Chutney, a Szechuan Chutney that’s good and we got the Classic Naan we got half butter and half or half garlic and half plain and we got some different stuff tonight. Usually, we get a classic of a Chicken Tikka Masala Butter Chicken but we got down here in Chicken Korma which is a creamier chicken, we have an Aloo Ghobi which we always get when we’re at an Indian place and this one is oh what’s this one?

Staff: This one is called the Paneer Kadai, this one is made from the tomato onion based gravy with some belly pepper on it and always some Indian spices.

Chris: Yeah!, nice! so uh it’s called Paneer Kadai.

Staff: But actually the Kadai means this one.

Chris: Oh it’s the type of bowl so this is a Paneer Kadai one of the specialties in here paneer is that Indian cheese that’s so good this place is absolutely gorgeous let’s see how it tastes.

and it was delicious that was really really tasty. This was “ACCHA” I think a-c-c-h-a. Anyway, doesn’t matter you’ve got it in Teenee you can see it there this is a super authentic lovely lovely Indian food experience, and if you’re wandering around the streets in Nimman and that’s what you’re looking for then check out “ACCHA”!!


Additional Information

Chiang Mai is one of the greatest food cities that I’ve ever been to. There’s all sorts of world class Italian options, Japanese places, Korean spots, Indian food, etc.. That’s exactly what Accha is. An awesome place to indulge in the mind blowing flavors that Indian food tends to deliver. It’s located in the trendy Nimman area, which is where many expats working as digital nomads live, and is owned and operated by a super friendly family.